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Trailer Weights


LawnSite Senior Member
I am looking at buying a new tandem axle trailer. Right now it is between one with a GVWR of 7000 pounds and one with 10000. The question I have is about gas mileage. The 10000 pound GVWR trailer weighs 850 pounds more. Does anyone know if this additional weight will reduce the gas mileage by much?




LawnSite Senior Member
The only thing I would insist on is that the trailer has breaks on both axels. The extra weight will make a difference in you gas milage, but I think I would be more concerned with the stopping distance. You can't really go wrong buying a trailer that can handle a heavier load. That's just money well spent.


LawnSite Member
I have a 7k rated trailer that weighs 1750 light and 2000 with my toolbox on the tongue. I can put 5000 on it. That's ok for cutting grass but If you ever want to pull a skid steer or tractor, youre pushing your luck. If you get .5 mpg less with a 10k trailer, it's worth it to be legal for a future load and safer. Yeah, I wish I would have spent a few hundred more on a 10ker. Maybe I'll upgrade this year.