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Trailer with front dump


LawnSite Gold Member
NW, Iowa
I need a new trailer. Longer, more room etc. Looking at an open trailer with a ramp. Wonder if there is such a trailer out there that the front (towards hitch of truck) 4 - 6 foot actually dump to the side. Kinda like a tilt bed trailer now where the back 3/4 tilts with about 4 foot in the front that don't. Any ideas?


LawnSite Platinum Member
You might be able to install a dump bed insert sideways.
Are you mechinally inclinded and have a welder? Buy a hoist from northern tool for $900 and weld you own box or for that matter, check with some local fabricators to see what they would charge you. To buy a trailer with a dump box in the front are expensive, but they do make them. The bad thing about dumping to the side, I am afraid that you are still going to have shovel some out, but I could be wrong.