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Do you guys know of anyone making trailers with front gates that will allow you to run a mower into the back of a truck to dump the grass? Or of anyone selling a Bolt on feature for existing trailers. My local welder has quoted a price of 1900 to put one on my existing trailer but I'm trying to figure out some other options. We bag way to much grass to dump it on a tarp and then put it in the truck. Thanks for the help.
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well i have asked this question myself to this forum..,and had no luck 1900.00 sounds a little steep but i guess not unrealistic with evrything going up,,if you find out any info pleasse pass it along to me thanks


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Do you mean you want to have the mower on the trailer and then drive it up a ramp and into the back of the truck?

Or do you just want a trailer with a side gate on the front?
Yeah, for $1,900 you could buy a nice Miller MIG welder and do it yourself.

On most landscaper trailers I've seen the front rail is a part of the support of the whole trailer, so maybe that's his problem.

Probably about as cheap to buy a new flatbed trailer and add sides and a front ramp to that.

Or just find a cheaper welder. One with lots of junk lying around to build stuff. New steel is pricy these days.

I'd bet if you found a trailer with front ramps it'd be too short or too wide or something. Sounds like a custom job to me.


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The is an LCO in West Fork Ar with a trailer that has the front ramp exactly as you have suggested. I think the company is WoodScapes.

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Is it really worth it for the limited amount of clipping you can put in a pickup bed. How about raised sides on the trailer making a large leaf box.
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