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  1. Toy2

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    My trailer has a wood floor, 2 by 6////the wood is shrinking, so I have gaps, do I get some plywood and make a new floor or just live with it? If I get mulch or rocks, I don't want to leave it highway???Thanks
  2. GLC51

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    My trailer came with gaps. I suppose that plywood would be nice. My concerns might be cost and and it getting slippery when wet. I use a large plastic tarp they are cheap I lay one on the floor and I drape one over the tailgate then pull it over the mulch to keep it from blowing around. They are cheap but some might prefer plywood instead. I don't haul that much mulch myself.
  3. slicksilverado01

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    the wood floor to begin with gets slippery when wet. Plywood is a good idea...make sure you get treated for it to last the longest. you will really only need 1/4 to 1/2 inch since you are just using it to cover the main floor boards.
  4. DownSouth

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    ive seen a couple with plywood over it, they had some type of grip tape spaced about every looked pretty good and it cant cost that much

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