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    Currently I have a 16' trailer, I am considering a Gooseneck hoping it will be easier to pull. Please give me your opinions.
  2. steveair

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    Goosenecks are great when it comes to maneuvering. You can really get around in tight areas and such. The only disadvantages I can think of are the fact that.<br>1. You lose half of the back of your pickup. If you do maintenace, this could be a problem because where do you put your clippings, tools, etc.<br>2. Height, the goosenecks, in general, are higher than regular trailers. If you are using them for maintenance, may start to be a hassle climbing up and down from it after a while.<br>3. flexibility, if you have a few trucks, you have to set them all up with the bed hitch. You just can't hook up all of your trucks to it usually, and if you have mason dumps, you can't pull it either.<p>I like them for hauling equipment and such. They handle better than the regular set up, especially when loaded up. I basically like them most for their maneubility and they are nice to have in tight areas.
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    I'am going tomorrow to pick up my new 24' gooseneck. It is not any higher then my 20' bumper mount because it is a lowboy, the fenders are just like a bumper mount but I had H.D. 11g. steel fenders instead of the light ones. I'am going to keep the 20' of. If you get one a little bigger you can put all of the clippings,tool, what ever up front and acually have more room(width). I'm going to get two small tool boxes through to put in my main truck and leave a channel down the middle for the hitch. My hitch is all under the bed and cost $185.00 the ball screws in and out if it needs to. Some use the flip-up and they run $325-$375 all installed or a plate w/ a ball welded to it works and cost around $65.00. The plate will go in the other truck. Plus w/ a gooseneck I will have 2-7,000lbs axles instead of 2-3500lbs it will do better hauling sod,sand,topsoil,etc.<p>----------<br>T.J. Greenfield<br>
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    The best gooseneck setup for the ball is a Unigoose. The ball is made on a heavy shaft and it has a quick disconnet where it slides out (simular to a air hose disconnect) then you pop in a plug to cover the hole and it's almost flush with the bed. I have one and it works great. You have one 3&quot; hole in the bed where the ball is and thats it.
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    Hello tjg,<br>Just wondering about this trailer. Sounds interesting. I was wondering what size truck you are using to pull it. With 2 7000 pound axels, Im sure it will hold quite a load, but will a truck be able to move it? Around me a lot of guys haul pavers, 4 pallets usually (about 12,000) on their 10 ton tandem trailers, but they have big single axle dumps to move them and still get bogged down on hills doing 10 or so. Interested in your plans. I used a a 20 foooter similiar to yours once to haul a dodge 350 rack body dump with a 87 gmc 350 dually with a 350 motor. It rode real nice, but that truck struggled a bit. Im sure diesel power or 454 would of been nicer. Also, are you getting a dump install on the trailer for the soil. I've seen set-ups now where they put a side dump o the front of the trailer. Finally, what kind of pricing on that lowboy? Never seen one around here so interested in learning more about it. <p>Thanks,<br>steveair
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    T.J. With 14000 lbs worth of axles I am guessing that it is a 12000 or higher GVWR trailer.You need a CDL A to legally pull that trailer even if it is with a 1/2 ton.If you have one,ignore this,if you dont fear this.If you are caught towing out of class it will hurt,bad in the wallet.Trailers at 10001or higher GVWR that arent used for recreational use need a CDL A license.Even if it is loaded lightly and registered for 9000,it's still a 12000+ in the eyes of the law,Your new trailer sounds nice,whats the tow vehicle?It must be a brute to pull that thing around.<p>----------<br>John D<br>
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    One more thing quick,<br>I've seen guys with big goosenecks,like 24 footers, and they get 6 grasshoppers on them. <br>They werent lowboys, but had dovetails on the back. The only problem I saw with those were the last two mowers sit on such a steep angle. I think they had to chain them down to keep them on.
  8. tjg

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    Steve I have a 3/4ton and 1/2 ton chevy both 4x4,the 99'z-71 does just fine pulling the 20' trailer w/ 4 pallets of sod but it is getting traded for a 3/4 ton diesel? Had a 99' dodge 3/4 quad cab last fall and didn't do as good as everyone said on the fuel usage but it cuold pull a house if it had a hitch on it.The trailers don't take a 2 ton truck to pull, i even pulled a 30' tandem dual w/ the 1/2ton and it pulled better then the 20' bumper mount does,the 30' is new and the same brand of trailer I'am getting it was the owners of the dealerships, they loaned it to me until mine showed up but I got by w/ the 20' bumper. Th cost is $2645.00 has rubber mounted lights,2-7000lbs torison axle-no leaf springs,HD fenders,2 jacks that work insinc,has a treated floor,new 10ply tires it will have a 2' slight dove tail,will be the same height as my bumper mount so NO high climbing or A 10' tall gate,plan on using a 2 1/2 or 3 1/2 foot tail gate. Ask any question yuo want about it. Haven't seen the side dump yet but will check on it.Thanks<p>----------<br>T.J. Greenfield<br>
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    We must have been typing the same time didn't catch the CDL deal. In Oklahoma you don't have to have a Class A license,but the truck MUST be register to pull the trailer loaded, you can register a 1/2 ton w/ 26,000lbs GVWR cost around $260 if you have a Commercial Truck tag I do on both of them,I do have the license also w/ air brakes if I need them,and just because it is 24' doesn't mean you need a Peterbuilt to pull mowers around, don't plan on pulling 6 mowers on it either but Thanks.<p>----------<br>T.J. Greenfield<br>
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    I currently have two trailers. I have 16' bumper pull that that use hauling mowers around town. Then I have a 36' tandem dual (20,000#)gooseneck that I use on large scale industrial jobs. The 36' trailer give you enough room to haul 2 mowers and a tractor with a batwing bushhog. I personally love the gooseneck. The next trailer I get will probaly be a 20' lowboy gooseneck to use around town. I pull my trailers with a 99 F350 dually with the powerstroke diesel. It handles it great. I had 6 pallets of wet sod on the big trailer a couple weeks ago I figure it weighed around 3000# ??? per pallet. I was running about 50 on a hilly highway with no problems. As far as a commercial drivers license I have the CDL book for MS and it says you can run up to 26000# without a CDL if your not hauling for pay. I would check with your state your running in though just to be sure before buying a big trailer.<p>Jay<p>

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