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  1. Mowman

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    What trailer size would you suggest for hauling a 48&quot;WB,21&quot;WB,blower,trimmer,gas cans,and other small items. Will be using a S-10 pick-up with a 4 cylinder engine 5 speed trans. Thanks for your suggestions. Mowman<p>----------<br>Steven R. Knapp<br>
  2. Lazer

    Lazer LawnSite Bronze Member
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    6x12' single axle. You will be able to pull it with the 4-banger and you can put 2 commercial mowers on it for when you grow.
  3. snake1040

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    from fl
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    I have a 5x12 I put two baskets on the front one on top for hedge trimmers, chainsaws, oil etc...and one on bottom for things used all the time like blower and gas. I carry a 36&quot;walk behind, 21&quot;push mower, and a toro z-master 100 44&quot;
  4. jrblawncare

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    Hi all,I just got a price on a 16 ft.tandem trailer with a ramp-gate and new 6ply tires for $1120.00.Sound like a good price?I can save around 200.00 if I go with old used tires,but I don't think that is a good idea.Thanks
  5. HOMER

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    I bought an 8x16 with used tires and ramp for$725.00 It was new, my 8x20 with gate added was about what you are paying, it is the H.D. model with 5&quot; channel tongue and frame.<p>Homer
  6. southside

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    I wouldn't go any bigger than a 6 by 10.<br>Anything bigger and you might as well buy<br>a 2 tonner.Remeber the bigger the trailer<br>the bigger pain in the butt to manouvre.
  7. jrblawncare

    jrblawncare LawnSite Senior Member
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    Homer,sounds like this guy is a little high,16ft with a gate and used tires for 920.00 I think it is gator made? So far that is the best I can do here and thats 60 miles away,Anyone else?
  8. Alpine Landsc Maint

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    Small trailers are better for small city streets, but leave little room for growth. Before you know it you will have the thing so overloaded with mowers,tools,ladders, etc.<br>Having a smaller truck could hold you back on <br>your choice. I have been shopping for trailer for months now and have decided on the 16ft tandem axle with ramp gate for these reasons:<br>Room for future growth..<br>Ability to haul other stuff besides mowers..<br>Tandems tend to ride better..<br>Prices in my area for them are about $1100 up to $1600...
  9. ashlandscaping

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    I would stay with a smaller trailer with the small truck. Get to long of a trailer with a short small truck you will kill it quick. One thing to keep in mind you can always sell the smaller trailer and up grade to a larger one. I have bought and sold 3 smaller trailers 5x8 5 x 10 6x12 and in each chase I sold them for more then what I paid for them. Unless you can afford to up grade the truck now look for a 6x12 fits 3 walkbehinds or walkbehind a rider or whatever esle you need to haul. One more thing you might want to find one with brakes to keep the truck in one peice. Good luck

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