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We have 5 open trailers and 3 enclosed.<p>We don't use enclosed trailers for mowing anymore, because a few years ago we &quot;cooked&quot; one. Should've brought marshmellows!
We run both open and Enclosed. For hauling of tools I perfer the enclosed everything is hiden for peoples eyes plus like a rolling bill board. I set them up with shelfs rackes for tools and the whole 9 yards. Have one set up for just mowwing and 1 set up for landscape installs and pavers, ect. Also have a open trailer with 3 ft. high side or so. Like this for hauling plants mulch tree limbs or what ever else. Plus for right now we use it for mowwing a couple days a week. Till i find A anthoner enclosed trailer. Started out with a 16 ft open then added a 8 ft open then went to a enclosed and 1 open . As we grow we would buy both but mostly enclosed since we have more yard space then inside space. If you are going more towards the grass maintenance find an enclosed trailer. But if your doing split half and half look at a open with higher sides.


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I'm on my third open trailer, a 20' now. Just buy what you can afford but buy one long enough you can grow into. I went from a 10', to a 16', and now to a 20'. It cost me every time too. I thought the 16' would be long enough but it will not carry 3 mowers. Think in terms of growing and expansion, it will happen quick so might as well go large to start with, trade ins don't bring much.<p>Homer

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