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  1. Ben's Landscape

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    I am looking for a decent trailer to start off my company!! as of now i have been working out of the bed of my pick up and finally its time to upgrade. I was wondering what a good brand is?? do i stick with the 6x10 or 6x12 size that i was looking at or go to something bigger?? should i buy a open or enclosed??
  2. LKNBigFish

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    By at least a 12' or 16', get a tandem axle, there better in case of blow outs, have a lot more capacity, and usually have brakes which really save your truck. I prefer open because i am hard on trailers and the enclosed get beat up looking real quick if your rough. just to give you an idea of price, last month I bought a new 6'x16' open tandem axle with brakes for $1350 +tax, etc.

    DLAWNS LawnSite Fanatic
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    This sounds like a pretty good start to me.
  4. stevenf

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    I bought a 5x10 to start with. My next will be a 12ft enclosed at the minimum. If you dont have alot of space to store your equipment, the enclosed trailer will do just that.
  5. paradisescaper

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    do you need storage? how many accounts do you want? what size crews will you run? commercial or resi?

    id say 6x12 will only be enough for 2 man crew 1 ztr 1w/b. if you need the storage by enclosed, if not save the money. if you want 3 or 4 man crews maybe you want 16/20ft for another ztr or stander.
  6. huntlawncare

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    Check out they are in nc but they sale all over the US but when the dealers sale them there under a differant name i have a 6.5 x16 that i love they are better built than the most mom and pop places around here
  7. LKNBigFish

    LKNBigFish LawnSite Member
    from NC
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    their prices look real good.
  8. JHLC

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    Another question would be do you have a secure place to store your equipment? Maybe a garage or shop? If not, I would go enclosed.
  9. topsites

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    I wouldn't consider a 10 footer but you'll want to check your state's DOT
    specifications concerning GVWR and CDL's before you buy anything bigger
    than a 6x12 or more specifically before you get into double axles.
    Because your GVWR goes over your state's weight limit and you have to have a
    Commercial Driver's License.
    Then remember it's not what you plan on towing, it's about the rating!
    And it's truck + trailer combined, the GVWR of both.

    Then, double axle trailers wear tires faster because there is no differential and in the turns...
    Also it's 4 tires instead of 2.
    The largest single axle trailer is a 6x12.
  10. MOW ED

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    I run a 6X14 with 2 3500# axles. I had it custom made back in 1998. My only regret is it doesn't have trailer brakes. I am thinking about adding them because every 2 years I change pads and rotors on my truck. The 14 footer is great for me as it fits well in my garage and it pulls easy. I fit a 62" Toro and a 44" WB on there and still have room for everything I need. Get stake pockets and build you own sides to whatever you need. I would not go smaller than a 12 ever and probably no bigger than a 16. I also use it for mulch jobs. I can get 6 yards of cedar on it without a problem and unload from the side or back. I paid under 800 bucks but that was 10 years ago but he built this thing solid as a rock. Haven't had 1 issue with the trailer or deck. You aren't going to get away from the tire issue on dual axle trailers but its a cost of business for me. Good Luck.

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