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  1. RR's Lawn Service

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    I have to decided to get a new trailer for the 2012 mowing season. Right now I have enclosed trailer and I do like the fact that my equipment stays dry on rain days. I need a bigger trailer now but can't afford the eclosed trailer price. For those of you that have opened trailers, do you like them? Just weighing my options. Thanks
  2. calvinslawnservices

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    I like open trailers better than enclosed because they are much more versatile. You can load debris and mulch and everything else on the open. I think if I was getting to the point where I was to have separate mowing crew and landscaping crew, I would go enclosed for mowing and dump for the landscaping crew. Just my opinion.
  3. GoldStarMowing

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    I like my open trailer, just like Calvin said, I think they're way more versatile and when they get dirty you can just pressure wash them out. I have a 7X16 with high mesh sides. It stops me from losing anything while going down the road or from someone taking anything as I keep the rear gate locked and when ever i'm not loading or unloading something. I also have a small 6x10 with just the normal 1ft high railing that I use when I have maneuver the truck in tight area's.
  4. 32vld

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    What size trailer do you have now?

    Why and how much bigger do you want to get?

    Why are you getting a new trailer?

    Can you keep the old for when you need a closed trailer and get a larger open trailer for when you need a bigger trailer?
  5. PlantscapeSolutions

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    Enclosed is like having a Cadillac trailer. Open trailers for maintenance is like having a moped. With enclosed you get to advertise and you can store way more stuff efficiently. Plus it's like a garage on wheels. The Texas sun is hard on equipment sitting in open trailers.

    Plus nothing sucks more then getting caught in the rain on the road and none of your equipment will start when you get to the job site.
  6. Swampy

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    Personally I'd use the open trailer for mowing crew, use the enclosed for landscape jobs. Enclosed trailer to billboard your project site, keep all the tools stored, and it's lockable if you leave it on site. Though the down side is you wouldn't have access to your tools for any breakdowns, if it isn't a great neighbor hood someone could roll off with all your landscape tools. To me a dump trailer is handy but if your landscaping a dump truck is better in my opinion.
  7. Total Lawn and Sprinkler

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    I too agree with the versatility offered by the open trailer. It is also convenient for having multiple points to access your equipment. If something you need is located in the back of your enclosed trailer it can be a pain to grab that one item. Our lifeline is our equipment, so I understand your desire to protect the equipment with an enclosed trailer. This is all subjective, but I do enjoy the efficiency of an open trailer.
  8. Kelly's Landscaping

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    I have a 12 ft 16 ft and 20 ft open trailers we have considered enclosed over the years. But I am pretty certain as I add the next 2 they will be both open. In fact I plan to make them my self I prefer mine heavier duty and better built then the crap they sell around here.
  9. yardguy28

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    been watching this thread on and off.

    i think it depends on your needs. if you do a lot of hauling of debris, mulch and rock then open is probably the way to go.

    if you don't do a lot of hauling then enclosed is the way to go.

    open trailers offer you the ability to haul more material. thats the only benefit i see to an open trailer.

    enclosed trailers give you multipul benefits. they keep your equipment from the elements, they offer security both on the job and away from the job and they offer advertisment.

    personally i don't do a lot of hauling. the hauling i do can be done with my truck and if not then i have a 5' x 10' open trailer i can use. i use a 7' x 14' enclosed trailer otherwise. when i had my open trailer i hated being caught in the rain. i'd come home and have to unload everything and i'd fire everything up to get the moisture out of anything important. with the enclosed the only piece of equipment that gets wet from rain would the one i'm using on a job.
  10. horseman201

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    I used an open trailer for about 10 years and went to a 20ft enclosed trailer this past season. I love the enclosed trailer. I can haul everything I need for landscaping and mowing. I kept my open trailer to haul debris and mulch.

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