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I have been in buissness six months and loving it. I have all old crappy equipment. I have been borrowing a trailer until i made a little head way. Now i have decided to get all new equipment. I have questions on all the equipment. What is a good length for trailer i'm thinking atleast a 6x12. Now lets talk about the mower. I'm using a craftsman riding mower and i know pretty much what i want. I'm looking pretty much at exmark for a ztr mower. What would all u exmark users recomend on the model i get. I only have pretty small yards nothing huge. The biggest is 1 acre. Not many obstacles just a few trees. Next on my new equipment list is my edger and blower. What brand to go with I'm thinking STIHL. but am not sure. the only other thing i might want to get is a hedge trimmer. I know this sounds like a lot but i don't know a whole lot about this equipment except for what i have read on different threads. All help and opinions are welcome and please post them.
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Why not get a W/B, much cheaper. I'd suggest an Exmark TTHP 48". I have a 6X10 that I easily fit my TTHP 36 on there with Jungle Wheels sulky on back that doesn't need to be folded up, with about 8-12 inches of room on each end of the mower. I run Stihl, but my trimmer is very tempermental sometimes. When it is running good, it will start cold on 2 pulls. As long as I'm not in a hurry and don't forget to check the fuel, it will run good. If you run them out, they are really a PITA to get started again. Also, the fuel consumption on my FS 85 is TERRIBLE. I figure I get about 1 hour, maybe 1 1/2 on a full tank. Adjusted carb and new air filter and it's still bad. Good trimmers though if you take care of them. I like my BR320 blower as well. 3rd season and no problems at all. Keep reading here, you'll find out what the favorites are. I think it's pretty easy to tell what the majority of mowers are run out there, but I'll let you decide. ;) :D
Good advice. Here's some more ... demo demo demo
Very true, demo is the key. A good dealer is also your friend in the business. Good luck!
6 x 12, at least, no smaller, and you will grow out of that in a couple of years easy. I agree also with the WB, much cheaper, but still so so much faster than your lawn tractor, plus you have small lawns. As far as small equipment, Shindaiwa!!!! Yeah, Stihl is good too, just tempermental, and that makes me tempermental. Shindaiwa starts on 1,2, no more than 3 pulls everytime.
Everyone says Stihl is tempormental. I Say your all wrong. A piece of Stihl equipment is like a woman. You have to know how to take care of her and get her started. If not, she's just going to piss you off. If you read the manual on the Stihl equipment it tells you exactly how to start them. Go by this and no probs EVER. But it all goes back to how you take care of them.

Now on the trailer and mower thing, Size of trailer as stated above, don't go shorter than 12ft and if you can get one go ahead and get a 6.6x16 or 7x16. I just got a 7x16 tandem w/brake axle and rear gate for $1000 new. Mowers will depend on your dealer around you but if you have an Exmark dealer close go with Exmark. In the south Exmark does the best for our area. I wouldn't buy anything else.

Hope this helps.
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