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I was wondering what you guy's would pick for a trailer. I have 2 walkers and a couple of 21" mowers now but will probably be expanding next year. What size trailer would you suggest? I don't want something to big because of my res. customers.


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A 16' would be the smallest I would go with. I have a Walker and I'm using a 5x10 single axle. With the Walker and my 21" I have about a foot left. If you don't need to carry both Walkers at once and were concerened about size you might go with a 6x12. I work by myself and the next trailer I go with will be a 6x12 w/brakes. Or if you can put the 21one's in the truck you could get the two Walkers on a 14' trailer. Hope this helps.
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John DiMartino

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Id get a big trailer,it fills up quick and is a lot easier to back up than a short one.Id go at least 7x 20 if i was buying another one.Mine is 7x 18 and its always a little to short,but before that i had a 7x16,and i thought 2 more ft would be enough,I should've bought the 20.


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I've learned from experience that you should buy the biggest trailer that you can handle. I don't mean you need a goose neck, its just that what ever size you get, well there's never enough room!


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We have a 16' trailer and haul 2 Walkers, 1 Toro 52" and a Honda 22" mower tight fit but its easy loading and unloading when you have a pattern. I would go next time with an 18' footer. Looking at an enclosed trailer 20' or a Isuzu syle box truck around 18' footer for the future.


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I use a 7'x16' with 4'high sides weed eater racks on the inside, and electric brakes, everything is locked on the inside of the trailer, and pull this with a Dodge Dakota with 318 engine, no problem. I started with 6 by 12 and it was to small. good luck

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If you're working with someone or don't mind lifing the 21", you can get away with a smaller trailer by putting it in the bed of the pickup. Assuming, that you are driving a pick up. :)


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Depending on your budget and company's growth rate get an enclosed Wells Cargo. Speand the extras $$ on this brand
I have seen too many cheapo trailers that pale in comparison.


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Whatever you do plan for growth if that is your intention. I'm on my 3rd trailer now, an 8x20. Looking at an enclosed 24'. The more toys you have the more room you need to haul them. I went from a 5x10 to a 8x16 to my present. I'm either going to do a lot of work on it this winter or get a longer one.

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