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    Just wanted any ideas on trailers.
    I know I want at least a 7X14 - 16 Enclosed Tandem.
    Question is what do I look for as far as materials and such.
    Is one brand better than another.
    Do I need trailer brakes on both axles.
    What size flooring and side walls are really needed.
    I dont want to spend too much and get too little.
    At the same time I dont want to but a car hauler when all I need is a landscape and mowing trailer.
    Any Ideas?
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    I use an open trailer but you should make sure you get studs on 16' centers. Father-in-law bought a Haulmark for his power washing biz. It's well built but it costed a little more than most. I think one axle brakes would be fine. Get some more opinions from others who use them though.

    SCOTLAND YARD LawnSite Member
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    I also used a 6.5 x 12 open single axle.
    However I seemed to out grow the trailer. Junk piles up fast.
    I sold the trailer with a 52" Bunton. Now looking for the enclosed, Just to keep my gear out of the garage (and rain)
    Thanks for the response.

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