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  1. touhey33

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    What kind of trailer should i get, if i want to put a 36" walk behind on it, and later on a ztr mower? What kind of price am i looking at? I have an F150.

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  2. MudslinginFX4

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    How big are you looking to grow? What are your future plans? Buy as big of one as you can afford, with an f-150 you shouldn't have any problems pulling a trailer around, we use f-150's everyday. It sound's like you don't need anything more then a 5X10 for your mowers, but if you ever want to get mulch or haul away something big I would go bigger, maybe a 16 foot dual axle if you have somewhere to keep it.
  3. fourseasonlawns

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    Pick the largest trailer you think you might use one day and get the next size up! You can't go wrong.

    Also, Have you thought you needed a bigger truck yet, or added helper springs to the rear?

    Or, did you start with a handheld blower and finally go Backpack?

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