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  1. Matt

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    Introducing the Xtreme Series Trimmer Rack is giving away free Xtreme Series line trimmer racks all you have to do is pick a topic and post your story to this thread and give us your email address We will reward the best stories with a free Xtreme Series trimmer rack Item# XA102.


    Green Touch Industries Inc. reinvents the line trimmer rack. Their newest product is the most advanced trimmer rack ever designed! It eliminates theft, it’s the fastest rack on the market to use and it completely eliminates rolling in the rack and shaft wear. In spite of the huge advancement in design and value it remains very cost effective. Learn more and order online by visiting is giving away free Xtreme Series line trimmer racks all you have to do is pick a topic and post your story to this thread and give us your email address We will reward the best stories with a free Xtreme Series trimmer rack Item# XA102.

    (line trimmer stories; please tell us the brand that caused the damage or allowed the theft.):

    • Theft, what have you lost because your trimmer rack was easily penetrated?
    • Damage caused by spinning in the rack (including fuel spills and flooded engines)
    • Shaft damage (worn / broken shafts caused by your trimmer rack.)

    Winners will be notified no later than 1 week of posting your story. Winners will receive one XA102 at no cost, all we would like in return would be a short review of our product. Winning stories could be used in future advertising.

    Please visit our site at to place your order now, receive 10% OFF with coupon code: lawnsite1
  2. Lynden-Jeff

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    Wow really glad to see green touch updating there racks. I have green touch now which are great but these look even better. Do we post stories here? because I have a doozie lol.

  3. Matt

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    Yes Jeff,

    Just post your stories here. Winners will be notified within one week of the post date. There will be several trimmer racks given away.

    Because you were the first person to post we are going to award you one of the many racks we are giving away. We would still like to hear your story.

    You will be blown away by how much better this rack is from everything else on the market.

    Please email me your address and we will get your trimmer rack out this week.
  4. Lynden-Jeff

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    Thanks! Can't wait to give it a review. I have e-mailed my information to you. Anyways here is my story:

    When I first started my lawn care company I purchased some racks with the trailer I ordered (I belive they where an in house brand). Being neive and thinking they were all created equally, I thought it was fine, I mean it held the trimmer, what else is it supposed to do? Well a couple weeks later on the way back to the shop going down the highway I look in my review mirror and notice one of the trimmer posts dangling on a 45 degree angle off the side of the trailer. Unfortunatly where I was on the highway there was no shoulder.

    The next thing I know the same post is now dragging and bouncing around on the road only held on by the trimmer connected to the other post. By the time I got to a place to pull over the trimmer rack and the one trimmer that was in the rack had been destroyed. I think I am just lucky that it didnt come off and hit the car behind me. At first I had though that my bolts had come loose and it came off however it was actually the weld broke at the bottom of the post! Let me tell you I have never gotten my money back faster then I did for this! lol. First thing I did was go out and purchase my greentouch racks and I have been happy ever since.

  5. wakesetter2001

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    I purchased a no name brand trimmer rack from ebay. It seemed to work fine for the first few weeks but did have the trimmer rolling and fuel spilling on my trailer fender which eventually led to the paint peeling and then of course the metal rusting. Then one day I look in my side mirror as I turn a corner and there is my echo (engine end) almost dragging the ground with the line end still in the rack. I am able to pull over as I am thinking "man what did I do, did I put the trimmer in wrong" Nope, weld broke on the engine end of the rack trimmer fell, had been hitting the ground enough to put a whole in the fuel tank, shaft bent where it hooked on the line end. Got to looking and could see that the weld had no penetration and in spots was not even touching the other metal. Anyway new shaft, fuel tank and the trimmer was back in use, Co I got it from I could never find again. Since then I have been looking for a new trimmer rack and just setting my trimmers in the back of the truck but had not found one I like until I saw the new Xtreme rack the other day. I actually got on here to put up a link so everyone could take a look at them, I guess I was to late.

    Thanks for a great looking new product
    Dustin Griffin
    Exclusive Landscape Maintenance
  6. nobagger

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    When we first started in business money was tight like most people but we wanted to act and look as professional as possible. We bought a set of trimmer racks that looked as if they would be fine. We bolted it to the trailer and off we went, right over some of our favorite city streets hitting, I swear, every huge pot hole alone the route. About a block away from our first stop after going through the mine field to get there we trun the coner and I noticed one of our trimmers came flying out almost smacking a group of kids on the side of the road. After we stopped we noticed the rack locking device had broken right off. After further looking into we noticed all of the locking devices were long gone and the only thing holding these trimmers was the bungy strap. We took it back, they would not warranty it, "used commercially" I couldnt beleive it. We never went back to that store ever again. Quality pays off in the end.
  7. Az Gardener

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    I have been in the business so long that when I started there were no line trimmers and therefore no trimmer racks.

    My first attempt at a trimmer rack held the unit it self very tight. So tight in fact that the shaft broke just below the engine. Too much vibration coupled with poor design. Brand new Echo trashed in less than a week. I learned then to leave the design work to professionals.

    I have not bought a trimmer rack since, instead choosing to keep my line trimmers on wooden shelves in my enclosed trailer. I would like some racks as the shelves are big and bulky and every time I get a new trailer I have to build shelves.

    At a glance these appear to mount to the floor and ceiling which is also a great feature.
  8. Matt

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    The trimmer racks actually bolt directly to the wall. They come with very strong and stable aluminum brackets. By including the brackets we make sure that no matter if you have an open or enclosed trailer our rack system will work for you.
  9. Lynden-Jeff

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    I wonder if we had the same rack, mine was a no name to. Something about the crappy welds on these things. I can't wait to try out the new one, it looks awsome.

  10. Raven386

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    from CT
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    i have a problem with forgetting to put the pins back on the racks. so as i drive away the trimmers just fall out into the road. ive also lost the pins down a sewer once or twice before. one more thing is, no one i ever work with locks the trimmers when they are done, thank goodness nothing has been stolen.

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