Xtreme Series Line Trimmer Rack Give-Away

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  1. Prestige-Lawncare

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    Start up costs for a new business (just about any new business) can be more overwhelming than most people plan for. Dreaming of your new business, and how you plan to be the "new guy on the block" with that seasoned professional look is the goal for many of us. Of course ... reality sets in, and money often runs out about the same time.

    When I started out I had the same goals and ambitions as those noted above. With the purchase of mowers, trimmers, edger, blower, trailer, hand tools, extra blades and parts ... etc, etc, etc. ... my finances ran short as well. Like many others, I had every intention of making racks to hold my equipment in my trailer, up off the floor (didn't want to really look unprofessional), and save myself an extra $100. - $150.00. After all, how hard can it be to build a rack to hold three or four pieces of equipment?

    I soon found that one of the big problems, and concerns, is to make sure the trimmers don't turn in the rack (which they will) ... and spill fuel all over the floor of your trailer, not to mention anything that happens to be below it, in it's path before it gets to the floor. Leaking gasoline all over my edgers motor, the motor for the pole saw, the tie down straps on the floor, and of course the floor of my enclosed trailer.

    Time spent cleaning up the mess ... replacing the fuel (and oil mix too) ... the strong smell of gas for days and days as it is soaked in the wood of the trailer! It's not ... NOT ... worth it. We spend thousands and thousands of dollars on commercial mower and equipment, charge good money to maintain peoples lawns and landscaping ... yet we want to save a few bucks by not buying good quality equipment to secure our hand held power tools? We need to think again.

    If you're going to be professional ... then be professional. As my father used to say ... a mans work is only as good as his tools. Take care of them ... they take care of you.

    Dave Webb
    Prestige Landscape Mgt. LLC
  2. Duncan90si

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    Here are pics of my rack that was awarded to me. I love these racks and I will buy more in the future when I get more trimmers and trailers. Thanks again Matt, I really appreciate it.






  3. jcsaws

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    Hi guy , these racks sound like a get idea.most people over here seem to make there own. where can i find more info,or does someone sell them in australia .. cheers jc
    mechanic outdoor equipment
  4. Frontier-Lawn

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    a lot better looking then the ones i have :cry:
  5. McVey Landscaping

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    Never had a trailer rack. Looking to buy. These trailer racks looks like they are about the best on the market. Need one just ran over my Sthil Pro 80 trimmer. Laid it on the trailer hit a bump causing the bungee strap to break, yeap it bounced off the trailer and was caught by both the tandem passenger side wheels. Nice bent shaft, broken plastic engine housing air filter broke off. going to cost more to fix, then buying a new one. went ahead bought a new one. dont want the same mistake again.
  6. DAMSLandscaping

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    These racks are great! I on my new trailer this spring and have been using it for about a month and i still cant find anything i dont like about it. There are no pins or anything to loose the a trimmers stay right where you put them, no spinning around or anything. Its so easy to lock too if i go into a store or somthing you just push in the padlock and you dont have to worry. Its also great for fueling the trimmer, i set mine up to the fuel fill is facing up on the rack so i just pour it on in without having to hold the can and the trimmer and once and hope for the best. All in all these are great racks and ive shown them to lots of local guys and they all want one. If anyone on here around the portland area wants to take a look just pm me and i will give you my number we can meet up.
  7. Added Touch

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    Well, after reading the 1st 3 articles posted here, I don't have to read anymore. This is my 1st full year in business, and so far haven't had to experience the heartache of my trimmer flying off my mount .. cause I haven't bought one yet. I try my best to keep my trimmers tied down with bungee cords, but they have suffered some damage as well from bouncing around the trailer. I think I will save myself some time, money and maybe a lawsuit and get me a Trailer Track.

    Thanks guys,

    Added Touch

  8. Pitbull05

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    I am new in the business and my 5'4" wife helps out. I have to keep my trimmers and blower in the back of my 04 F-150 4X4. We can't lower the tailgate because it will hit the trailer. It is quite the pain trying to reach over the side of the side to the truck to get something out of the bed of the truck. Having my wife get soemthing for me is out of the question, and it is only a matter of time before something gets damaged. Money is tight now being a newbie, and these rack would be a great help. :usflag:
  9. Liberty Lawn & Landscape

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    I don't know if ya'll are still giving these away, but I'll share my tale of woe anyhow. Four years ago I joined the Fire Department, and being that we work 24 on 48 off, I planned to start my own business as soon as my training was over. Well I got started with a Bobcat 36" walk behind (very old & used) that I bought from my Batt. Chief, an ancient Echo back pack blower, and my one piece of new equipment, a Toro trimmer multi tool with edger and hedge trimmer attatchments. I had no racks, but I kept everything locked up with a heavy duty cable. One morning, when I got off shift, I went to my first yard, as I walked around to grab the edger/trimmer, I noticed that I had forgotten to lock the cable, then I noticed that the trimmer was gone. I knew someone stole it as the solid sides of my tiny trailer wouldn't let anything fall out. I was astounded. While I was no longer a rookie firefighter, I was very much still a rookie in the lawncare business. I filed a police report the next day, and since I was sure that my Home Depot special was long gone, I went to Lost Mountain Outdoor Power to purchase a replacement. While I'm there I get a phone call from the officer that took the report, they had recovered my trimmer! I went ahead and bought a Maruyama split shaft trimmer and then claimed my stolen property.
    Now that I was the proud owner of a true commercial trimmer, I knew I had to have some racks. Well, after shelling out $330 for the Maruyama, I bought some cheap no-name racks. What a mistake, I HATED them! My trimmers rattled around, spilling gas and cutting the wires. One day, I'm cruising home and someone pulls along side of me pointing at my trailer. I pull over and find that one of the trimmers had come loose from the rack and the engine had drug on the road wearing a hole in the fuel tank, thank goodness it was the Toro. I was thoroughly disgusted now. Since I upgraded my mower I really needed a bigger trailer. I found a used 6x12 with Green Touch racks and I jumped on it. Those racks are great, however I do lust for the Extreme racks on display down at the equipment dealer.
  10. robienow

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    Where do I start? That's my thought everytime I have full day of lawncare customers to satisfy and I look at my trailer. A fully enclosed CM 2 horse aluminum tandem axle horse. LOL Yeah, I'm the only guy in my area with that type of "lawn rig". Gets alot of look too. Anyway I have been trying to figure out how to hang up my Echo trimmers, that I just bought, so I can protect my investment. I even tried hangin em on the tack racks by the gas tanks but I think this will eventually turn ugly. (ie only the tank left hanging on the wall.) I need something I can bolt directly to an aluminum wall stud that wont caust "galvanic corrosion". I have looked at other racks but can't see them working. Would love to see if your racks could solve my problem. P.S. I know your thinking, I'd love to see what his trailer looks like. I can send pics. Oh and I am a brand new member and this is my very first post over. New to the biz and new to this site. It has been a great resource and worth many many laughs for me. Thanks guys.

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