Xtreme Series Line Trimmer Rack Give-Away

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  1. walkerpro

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    I've been in this business for 20 years! Have never had a trimmer rack, always used the floor of the trailer to store trimmer. It has had mixed results regarding the trimmers condition. I have a new stick edger which means I have two items competing for floor space in my trailer. They both don't fit, so the new edger has to ride in the truck bed, where security is a concern. My trailer is a "basket" trailer, 5x14 custom built, with a tarp over bows on the top. All openings on this trailer can, and are padlocked, leaving only what I am using unsecured. As a result I haven't been too concerned about theft, but the head of my trimmer has taken much abuse from bouncing around the floor of the trailer. The plastic engine cover is just about gone, and as a result I feel I look less "professional" when using this piece of equipment than I'd like. I would buy a new cover for it, but no use if it is just going to continue to get the same abuse. However since buying this stick edger I now realize I need a trimmer rack. These Extreme Series racks really look like they are made to my "professional standards"! I have been looking at racks for several weeks now and have not been impressed with what I've seen, until I found these on an internet search. Matt, this may not be much of a horror store regards wayward trimmers, but one of these on my trailer, which was built, right down to matching wheels, to compliment my "Professional Grade" GMC truck, would sure be a great compliment to my rolling stock! I would like to expose your product here locally, as I haven't seen many posts from LOC's here in Oklahoma!

    "04 GMC Z-71
    1998 5x14 Basket Trailer
    2005 Walker MT-GHS 48"
    1996 Honda 21" HR-216
    2005 Lawnboy 21" push
    2003 Echco PB-750T blower
    unkn. Echco SRM-2400
    unkn. Echco SRM-2100
    2007 Echco stick edger
  2. ExcaliburLawnCare

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    Not quite sure if this is still going on but here is my story:

    I do not have any sob stories about either my gear falling from another rack onto the road, gas spills, or theft. I do, however, know that my gear needs to be secure considering I live at an apartment complex with my gear in plain view of all who drive by. I have been cutting grass part-time since 1999 in order to pay for gas to get back and forth to college. This year, I decided to drop out of graduate school and go into the Lawn Care business full force since it is what I love to do. Getting a set of Trimmer Racks would greatly add to the security of my gear but also allow me to have a better presentation of that gear upon arriving at a client's parcel as well as driving down the road.

    Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this competition.

  3. kc2006

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    I have an update to my story. The cheap basic rack that I had finally let go, the piece of flat steal that the trimmer rests on broke when I hit a pot hole. Broke the trigger on my trimmer but luckily didn't bend the trimmer. I've just been throwing the trimmer in my bed, but that has to stop with leaf season coming.

    I'll be ordering an xtreme rack tomorrow.
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    great! i found this the day after i bought another brand! i have a feeling this rack will be in my trailer soon anyways. i can always use the other for hanging ropes, belts and other items, if that gives you an idea of the brand. hint, hint.

    good product,
  5. stevenf

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    My first trimmer rack was purchased from a dealer. At first it looked very strong so Ididnt pay attention to the price. A few weeks later, I got out of my truck to find one of my trimmer handles and throttle assembley completely broken off of the shaft. It didnt hold the trimmer in place securely enough and it broke it from all the bouncing. I then purchased a no name brand from ebay because I had remembered seeing one like it on another trailer. I got out of the truck and went to unload the trimmer when the bracket completey fell off causeing the trimmer to hit the ground and break the plastic engine protection pieces. Needless to say, it was the weld that had come loose. It was a good thing it didnt happen while I was driving because I had that side of the rack bolted closer to the truck which means if that trimmer would have fallen, The ground movie would have caught the engine, broke it off the trailer, and sent it flying in the air.
  6. DomainsCare

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    Like many others, I did not use trimmer racks. I simply laid my trimmer in the bed of the trailer. After all, it was always the first thing I used so it would never be in the way. One day during our busy Spring season, I neglected to engage the transmission gear on my walk-behind, before moving to the next property. At the first stop sign I noticed the error and secured the mower. Unfortunately the mower had run over the trimmer handle breaking the entire trigger assembly and bending the shaft. The trimmer was basically toast. After stopping at my dealer, and purchasing another trimmer, I late that evening went online and purchased a trimmer rack, in this case the extreme rack. No more damaged trimmers for me.
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    Cool story.

    You do know this thread is almost 9 years old right?
  8. DomainsCare

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    Yes. But it lives on today.

    BIGKMOWING LawnSite Member
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    These racks are a joke...i just bought some as soon as i find another set i like i'll be replacing them out...
  10. southerntide

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    Explain how they are a joke? They give better tool support/safety and better anti-theft than the others

    1 universal lock + motor supports + light angle supports

    full pic of trimmer mount system.jpg
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