Xtreme Series Line Trimmer Rack Give-Away

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  1. Laner

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    I have never used trimmer racks, but am in the process of setting up a new open trailer and will be installing racks before we start the season. We have built a wood rack to lay in the back of the truck to keep the trimmers from tipping over. We have had many broken triggers, housings and a bent shaft from rolling around in the back of the truck. I'm ready to step it up a notch and get a nice quality trimmer rack. I came across this thread by doing a search for trimmer racks to see what options are out there. I have seen some rough looking racks on some of the trailers that I looked at, but none of them look to even compare to this new rack design.
  2. Lynden-Jeff

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    Hey Matt,

    Have you gotten my e-mails? I have a few questions about the fast straps you guys got, i'm looking to pick a set up but need to know if that price is for 1 strap or a set of 2. Let me know.

  3. Matt

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    Please check your email I sent you a response.
  4. Matt

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    Congratulations wakesetter,

    You are the winner of the second xtreme series rack we are giving away.

    You will not have a problem at all with the trimmers spinning around in the rack. Therefore no more spilled gas and no rusty trailers! Our welds are guaranteed, because we know they won't break.

    We are still taking story submissions and everyone that has already posted is still being considered. We still have a bunch of trimmer racks to give away.
  5. wakesetter2001

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    Thank you I can't wait to try it out
  6. haybaler

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    well, my first year in biz I used a snowmobile trailer that just fit my one z-turn on it and I threw the weed whacker in the truck. so the second your I was trying to be more professional and was tired of having the weed whacker bouncing around in the bed of the truck, so I went out and bought a new landscape trailer. I was shopping around for trimmer racks and one weekend helped my buddy put a set of no name racks on his trailer and they all looked like junk. So I had the idea of having my welding guy custom weld a set right into the trailer, they sure were strong but a PITA to find the right pins for and actually get the trimmers to fit on. luckily they never fell off, but they did spin around and get flooded out quite a bit. so this year I traded up to a bigger trailer and it is time for a REAL set of racks!!
  7. bigjeeping

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    My F-450 is so wide that you cannot see the sides of the trailer when pulling it. The rear view mirror can only see straight back the middle of the trailer because of the cab protector on the truck's dump body. This means my trimmer racks are NOT visible by the driver while driving. Well here's the story:

    A rough, dirt road was causing the truck/trailer to bounce all over the place. The long pins which held the locking arms in place must have bounced out because the locking arms had swung open on both sides of the trimmer rack. This left my two, new, Stihl trimmers vulnerable to airborne travel if I hit a large enough bump. Well at the time I didn't know any of this was happening and just kept driving to the next job site. Once I got off of the dirt road and onto the main road I noticed people slowing down as they drove by me. I thought it was probably because "Hey they're driving past a big truck pulling a trailer." Ha, I was wrong there.

    After seeing enough cars slowing down, and even hearing some cars honk at me and point, I really started checking my mirrors hard. My tires looked good, everything on the trailer looked secure, trailer gates were secure, gas cap was on.... what was going on!?!?!?!

    Finally, after 10 minutes+ driving, another LCO comes passing by, rolls down the window and tells me my trimmers are all over the road.

    Turns out the spool end of the trimmers were light enough to bounce out of the trimmer rack and had been fishtailing down the road on the side of the trailer while the engine end of the trimmers were still sitting in the trailer rack. The spool ends were a little scuffed up.. but otherwise no harm done. Just a scary situation which COULD have led to something bad.. property damage, bodily damage.. or could have just destroyed $600 worth of trimmers.
    I haven't replaced the trimmer racks yet, just found a better way to secured the locking arm. However, I'm buying a new trailer in a couple weeks and could really use some racks for it!!

    Zach :usflag:
  8. DAMSLandscaping

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    the xtreme series rack look like a great product, exactly what i am looking for. I have been wanting to purchase a trimmer rack for some time now but couldn't find one that was worth what they charged for them. This product looks like something i wouldn't mind paying for... SO last spring i figured i could use more room on my trailer, so i figured i would build a trimmer rack out of wood... my first mistake... It was a beautiful thing, held one trimmer and got a lot of the spare pieces 2x4s out of they yard. Wasn't the strongest thing out there but i figured it would be alright... My trailer had wooden sides so i screwed it to the inside of the passenger side of my trailer. It worked OK for a wile.. maybe a few weeks, until one day i loaded my trimmer back up, got back on my mower to back it on to the trailer, and as soon as i got to the top of my trailer ramp i felt my mower jump and stop very quickly. Well, apparently the screws I attached the rack with were not enough because the rack and my trimmer were now half under my mower. Luckily no major damage was done to my trimmer, just a little crack around the air filter.

    So i decided to just let the trimmer hang out on my trailer... another mistake. I show up to a job, fire up my trimmer. go to pull the trigger to start trimming and realize something is missing. Somehow between there and the last job, the trigger broke off making is useless.. i wasn't impressed. Luckily i found an old trimmer than i took the trigger off to replace the broken one. I know my trimmer would be very happy have one of these xtreme series racks!

    Don Moody
    D.A.M.S. Landscaping
  9. DAMSLandscaping

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    Your lucky! Seems like a lot of people would just say HEY LOOK I FOUND ME SOME NEW TRIMMERS! Thats what happened to me when i left my blower at a job:cry:

    DUSTYCEDAR LawnSite Fanatic
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    i started out throwing the trimmers in the back of the truck which ended up smashing the fuel tanks and breaking off carbs and spark plugs.
    so i got a brand that need u to put in long pins to keep the trimmers in worked ok at first then the pins started to get lost and the trimmers kept spinning in the racks and would flood and rip off the throttle cable.
    so i gave them away and got a spring loaded type rack very popular brand which would hold the head end in a funky piece of bent metal and held the trimmer good for the first few weeks then started to let them spin and wore the end of the trimmer shaft and even bent one when a employee couldn't work the spring and pulled on it and bent the shaft all to hell.
    over the years i have had more damage done to my trimmers from the stupid racks then from using them to trim with.
    and none of them lock good enough or easy enough to keep the guys locking them seems they never do no matter what i give them.

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