Xtreme Series Line Trimmer Rack Give-Away

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  1. Duncan90si

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    We have trimmer trap racks on our open trailer. The trimmers would always twist around and wear out the hand grips on them. I could live with that, I guess. There were two Shindaiwa trimmers that leaked gas out of the carb. Well like wakesetter2001, this led to paint coming off of the trailer. Well it gets worse. One day after packing up and heading out of a large job where we had two guys trimming, we proceed down the road. We are driving for about 10-15 minutes and pull up to the next job. I get out of the truck and to my surprise there is a large fire on my trailer. :eek: The trimmer in the middle of the rack rotated while going down the road. It then started leaking gas on to the trimmer below it and caught fire on the hot muffler. After hosing the two trimmers down with the extinguisher I got the fire put out. The trimmer that was leaking gas was burnt and melted along with the trimmer below it with the hot muffler that caught the gas on fire. Both trimmers were ruined. All the plastic was melted or gone the pull cords were toast, even the spark plug wires were now junk. The top trimmer was slighty melted but the damage was just cosmetic, thankfully. I lost two commercial trimmers that day mainly due to a rack that didn't secure them properly from rotating.
  2. nmez21

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    Like dusty I began by just setting the trimmers in the back of the truck or on the trailer floor. I thought I was "STEPPING UP" when I bought a rack from my local TSC store. It turned out that when the trimmers were in the racks they got more beat up than when I set them on the ground. The rack that I purchased rubbed terribly upon the shaft and took almost 1/8" of metal off the trimmer shaft total in a small section. May need to be replaced $$$. Another problem was the spinning and difficulties with fuel spills. It seemed like I was always cleaning up a mess from spilled gas. The boards beneath the racks were just NASTY after a couple months- It was so bad I had to relpace a 8' 2x6. Another thing that always concerned me was security. Padlocks that were compatible with the rack were nearly impossible to come by, so I resorted to a bike lock(chain style w/ comb). I've had about all I can take with these racks, very poor engineering. You've got a great looking product, should be popular. Have a good one,

    nate mez
  3. Allen's LS

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    All I can say is, is that I was laying my trimmer racks in the back of my pickup and I just bought Greentouch Racks a couple of months ago. I got them for an enclosed trailer that I am going to bu this spring or summer. :hammerhead: If i had know that Greentouch was coming out with this new rack, I would have waited. :dizzy:
  4. Matt

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    Thats a great story. Thank you very much.

    That is why exactly Green Touch has designed the Xtreme Series Trimmer Rack. Trimmers rolling around and spilling gas is a major design flaw in all other trimmer racks on the market. The new Xtreme Series rack is the only rack that is designed to absolutely eliminate any spinning/rolling problems.

    The thought process with the design of the Xtreme Series rack was to eliminate all problems associated with existing trimmer racks on the market, while maintaining a competitive price.

    Please email me your contact information so we can get one out to you.

    Our intentions with this giveaway is to get landscapers sharing information, so they can see how serious theses problems can be.

    All stories that have been posted are still being considered and we are still thank more submissions.
  5. MSS Mow

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    I started mowing lawns when I was about 12 years old using my grandfather's riding Craftsman mower and I didn't even string trim at the time. I literally used hand clippers and just did the essentials. I have learned a lot of lessons in this business the hard way.

    I work a so-called "real" job in high school and then when I went to college, I got another "real" job at a local bank. The whole time, I maintained my mowing route. (By this time i had a weed whacker!) I spent 4 years getting my degree in Business Management/Marketing so I could move up in Corporate America. Trouble is I hated Corporate America. I left banking and tried becoming an insurance salesman. What a joke that was. Well, anyway, after going flat broke and in the hole, I quite my job selling insurance and finally made the decision that I was going to do what I love: Mow lawns! I've been told how stupid I am. That I have a college degree and should use my head and not my back. I disagree completely. Running your own business takes many skills and my business degree only helps with that.

    So, this past year, I started expanding my mowing business and accidently stumbled across LAWNSITE!! What a discovery. Here I was, 25 years old, been mowing lawns part time for the past 13 years and I quickly started learning how much easier things could be done.

    For example: TRIMMER STORAGE.

    Once I had purchased my first trimmer, I've always just tossed it on the trailer bed or in the back of the truck. I didn't know I had options like TRAILERRACKS!! My trimmers have taken a beaten over the years. Primarily, I have broken many guards because that's what the trimmer head end lays on. The other bigger problem, the engin end always rested on the gas tank. Well, a plastic tank always being dropped, dragged, strewn, what ever you want to call it in the truck bed, on the ground, on the trailer, is going to damage the fuel tank. I have had to replace many fuel tanks because they have worn holes in the bottom. The third problem is that the trimmers always fall over onto their side while traveling. This of course causes more damage and can result in fuel leakage causing more damage to my truck/trailer. The fourth problem results from loose trimmers falling off an open trailer. I have forgotten to strap them down, the strap has broken, and I've said goodbye to a couple trimmers as they skip down the highway into a thousand pieces. The fifth and final problem I have encountered is of course theft from a trimmer being loose. As you can see, I've learned every lesson about proper trimmer storage the hard way and could desparately use the newest technology to assist.

    In closing, the invention and continued innovation of products such as TRAILERRACKS are critical to improving the Lawn Care industry. They will only increase productivity and reduce damage to equipment.
  6. Matt

    Matt Sponsor
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    Congratulations that was a great story with nice details. I think you should give up landscaping and become a novelist.

    On the new Xtreme Series Rack it is impossible for the trimmers to bounce out.

    Please email me your contact information so we can get your Xtreme Series Rack out to you.

    We are still giving away more racks and taking more stories!
  7. Matt

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    Another great story.

    Broken triggers will be a thing of the past with our Xtreme Series Rack, as it is impossible for them to break.
    Our rack also comes with all the mounting hardware so you don't have to worry about it falling off.

    I also appreciate you emailing me asking for brochures, in fact all winners will now get brochures to give out. Please email me back your shipping information and include your phone number.

    We are still taking story submissions and have more racks to give away guys.
  8. kc2006

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    I bought one of the basic design trimmer racks, the ones where its just a post with two pieces of flat steel with holes in them and the pin goes through to hold the trimmer in place. The basic racks are horrible. The first problem I had was losing pins, I'd lose them all the time, so I had to invest my own time and money into attaching the pins with cables to the rack. Then comes the movement, the trimmer is always flopping around which is ruining the handgrip and has weakend the throttle trigger. With the flopping around comes spilled fuel, I actually have a big stain on my trailer from fuel being dumped out. The fuel issue also causes hard starts, my trimmer starts so easy when its not being shaken to death on the trailer, but get to a clients property and it's a 5 minute ordeal. Finally (and the worst) is the one time I forgot to put the pin in the rack and to make it worse it was the engine side. Halfway to the next clients property it came out and the weight of the engine bent the shaft ruining the trimmer. So after ruining one trimmer and really beating up another I'm in the market for a trimmer rack, I was about to get another brand but noticed these racks and they look really nice and effecient. If I don't win one I'll be placing an order in a couple weeks.
  9. haybaler

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    broken carbs and plugs seem pretty extreme, did you have some cinder blocks or something else bouncing around there with them? this does seem like a product that would give you piece of mind.
  10. stuffdeer

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    Yep, I too have a story. I have countless times tried to start my trimmer to find it flooded.

    But my good story is this.

    I was driving down a pretty smooth road, with a bump towards the middle. I hit the bump, and notcied my top trimmer on the rack, was completely dangling by the guard on the trimmer on the side of my trailer. I pulled over and notcied my trimmer had slid through the holder and completely out.

    I also have a bent shaft and my handles are all rusted from sliding around. I cannot find a way to get them to stop sliding.

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