Xtreme Series Line Trimmer Rack Give-Away

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  1. J&R

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    Not much to say about my lawn service. 28 years seen and done just about everything to a trimmer that can be done right or wrong.
  2. mr. k

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    For my first full season two years ago, I bought an open trailer and while I was there bought the trimmer rack that the dealer carried. It had metal, spring loaded clips that were coated in plastic. Not knowing, I put 2 brand new $300+ trimmers on it and within a couple weeks the plastic wore out on the rack and the shafts on my trimmers were instant junk. Since the trimmers were beat up already, I continued to use the rack for the rest of the season. On one specific occasion, the rack wore out the protective wrapping around the wires on one of the trimmers and shocked the heck out of my arm while I was trimming. Last year, my second season, I resorted to just putting the trimmers in the back of my truck. After rolling around the truck bed and into eachother for 8 months, it was time to put them both in the trash. Im going to purchase 2 more trimmers for this upcoming season and have learned my lesson. Basically, I saved 75-80 dollars on the trimmer rack and wasted $600+ on trimmers.
  3. Quality Cuts PLS

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    Matt, I don't know if it was you that I spoke with last week on the phone; if so thanks for the info and the new web site. Anyway, I saw a small blurb in one of the industry publications and called for more info. I told you how I have had them all - Trimmer Trap, Jungle Jims, Gridiron, and Green Touch - spending up to 900 bucks to rack-out a trailer. You pointed out the advantages of your new product without bashing the others, which is rare. The roads here in Louisiana are terrible, I have to deal with bouncing and spinning trimmers & edgers, bent shafts, twisted grips, broken and worn guards; you know the drill. I have had to modify and add stuff to all the racks I have owned to make them work, but it is still not the best solution. However it looks as if you have found the solution to our dilemma. As for a story, well here it is - traveling home after a long day slinging grass, a car tried to cross the road and was struck by oncoming traffic and spun into me. With nowhere to to go and no time to hit the brakes; BAM; they took me out. (totaled my wifes new Jeep Cherokee) I hit them at about 55mph, the impact slung the water cooler down the road, and the powerhead end of my trimmer and edger came out of the rack while the shaft end stayed hooked; resulting in both shafts and housings folded in half because the racks did not hold them securely enough. With your design I don't think that could happen. To make matters worse - the other drivers did not have insurance, so it all came out of my pocket. Your concept,material, and coating selections are top notch. Good luck with this new product. I'm looking forward to trying out a set of these in the future to replace my current Gridiron products. Thanks for pushing the envelope and not being complacent in this area. Hopefully you can integrate some of this new stuff into you current products, I already figured out a few ideas. Again thanks and good luck. Anthony.
  4. J and D Lawn Care

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    I wish I knew the name of the stupid racks I have because I would post a warning to anyone thinking about buying some. I to experienced sliding and twisting of the shafts in the rack. I fixed the problem with duc-tape. On my two trimmers I've probably used half a roll to wrap around the shafts so they don't slide and twist. It's not very pretty but it works for now. I went to your website and found something to solve another problem I have. I ordered a rack for my hedge trimmer and two of the racks for my brooms, rakes, etc. Nothing gets your attention like the noise of a 1/2 dozen brooms and rakes flying across the inside of a trailer. Had the hedge trimmer slide off of the shelf once and cut the starter rope on one of my mowers. Great way to start a busy day. Anyway can't wait to get what I ordered so I can start this season off right.
  5. nograss

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    I lock my trimmers up until I need them when doing a yard. Two weeks ago I was doing a 1 acre yard when I hear a trimmer I think start up. Thought it was across the street so did not pay any attention to it. I was in the back of a large house. When I came to get my trimmer the only thing left were two stumps of the rack on the frame of my trailer. Someone had a power saw and hacked my trimmer rack off at the base. Wonderful.
  6. Grn Mtn

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    Well Matt, seems like most of us have realized that rolling around in the back of truck is no good for the trimmers. After 1 season of beating my Stihl trimmers this way I did some research and decided to buy the best trimmer rack out there. I was very excited to finally have a secure and professional storage system for my Stihls. The first problem I encountered with my TrimmerTrap brand racks was mounting them, the bolt holes didn't line-up with metal rails of my trailer so I had to drill new holes and since I wanted to mount them on the out side of the trailer I had to fab some wood shims since my trailer's rails are the angled steel. Needless to say after a month of vibrations the wood shims cracked and I nearly lost the trimmers when the racks fell over. My solution was move the racks to the front of the trailer and WELD them on, kind of a permanent solution that won't move to my next trailer. The second problem with these racks is if you don't load them just right you will cause wear to your handle/damage to your throttle, or the unit will rotate in the rack and spill gas. BUT THE BIGGEST problem I have encountered is the security issue, rather false sense of it. Because you can padlock the trimmers when I get home from mowing I will leave the trimmers on the trailer and padlock them (this safety feature is also a pain because in order to keep the trimmer in place you must slide the padlock through the pin hole for each of the trimmers, whether you want to lock them up or not.) These padlocks then get rusted and become hard to put on. Well one morning I go out and start the truck and find my equipment had been stolen! The thief used bolt cutters on the exposed padlocks and made off with my two Stihls. Thats my true story and I'm stick(edge)ing to it.:laugh:

    From what I can tell it looks like your design encloses the padlock and only needs one- good job.
  7. grassmanak

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    Ive been living the trimmer rack nightmare for the last 2 years. Like many on the board, i began withe rolling around in the back of the pickup, breaking parts and spilling gas. Last year i stepped up and purchased the cheapest racks i could find from Lowes. Just your basic 3 place trimmer rack. Well i get home all excited to try it out and the paint is already completley chipped off inside the box. so i return them to lowes and pick up a set that is in decent condition and go home and install them. Installation went smooth, well except for the fact that they not level on the trailer due to some high quality manufacutring. Well i load up the trimmers and before i even leave one has tipped over and the throttle lever has broke off. At this point im ready to screem since ive already spent half a day on this project. Let me tell you these racks are made so bad youd be better off not using them. Ive had this welder out all spring trying to make my own racks, but just cant come up with the right design, i had the angle grinder slip out of my hand the other day while i was trying to cut a piece of metal and it bashed me in the knee, cut me all up and gave me the bruise from hell and now im walking around liking a penguin. Someone please help me.



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    well i just finished a costumers yard put the trimmer in the rack that someone built me and proceeded to drive way (thinking i put the pins in). about 2 minutes later driving down a four lane street i see some guy driving and holding a trimmer out his driver sides window and honking his horn . he pulls up next to me says hey pull over and i am thinking to myself whats this guys deal . so i pull over and and he gets out of his car and says this trimmer feel off your rack about a 1/4 mile back . i look back sure enough it was my brand new redmax trimmer. the trimmer received a number of cuts and bruises. then he proceeds to tell me that he too has a lawn care and he knows what it is like to lose a trimmer. i couldn't stop thanking him . Just goes to show there are still some good people out there. thats one story i don't want to go through again .
  9. ground works

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    I bought a used open trailer that had some brand of trimmer rack on it 3 years ago when i started in business. I had a brand new echo trimmer that i put in the trimmer rack, after a few months the echo shaft housing had wore thin up by the motor. Then i started to put the echo in the bed, but it kept rolling around and breaking the trigger. A few months later i was using the echo when the shaft housing broke into, so i bought a new echo and and a new shaft housing for the broke one. I have tried duck tape on the trimmer rack and on the trimmer, but after time it wears though the duck tape. The trimmer rack just lets the timmer move around to much and the holder is just metal where the trimmer lays on. I have been looking around for a new trimmer rack for this year since i will be trading my old echo's in on two new ones.
  10. Pristine PM

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    I bought my trailer used and it had homemade racks on it. They did have a bolt hole to lock it, but I never bothered. One day, we are eating lunch and someone else in the restaurant says to us, "excuse me, but I think that guy just took your trimmer". We run out and start chasing the guy accross Kingston Road (mini-highway in Scarborough). We didn't get hit and by the time the guy is on the other side of the road and didn't even know we were chasing him. In the background we hear a "lady of the night" yelling at him to run, but due to the traffic, he didn't hear her.

    We get across and just charge him, at which time he heres us, and realizes there is no escape. Our worker grabs the trimmer which the bum holds out in front of him in a defensive way and then runs away. We didn't touch him due to the smell, and there was no harm done to the trimmer.

    As we are crossing back, a car stops in the middle of the road and asks what happened, we quickly tell him as more cars are coming, and it turns out he is an unmarked cop. He radio's for backup, and they ended up grabbing the guy just up the street. He had used needles in his pockets and was high on crack.

    We gave a statement, which took forever, and that was that.

    Two days later we see the same guy walking down the street with his "girlfriend"... I hate the system, it was a $600 trimmer.


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