Xtreme Series Line Trimmer Rack Give-Away

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    Like the rest here I've had the broken triggers and the leaked fuel..and like many here I wasn't thinking like I should have been when I purchased the racks from the large discount retail store.....I had to immediately resort to the bandaid fix using bungy cords to hold everything in place.

    Something I guess the rack should have been doing in the first place...after all, that is its primary purpose...

    I think back now and wonder why I spent top dollar on my all my tools and equipment...Echo, Stihl, Dixie, etc...but then when it came time to hold the equipment I lost all common sense and purchased the generic brand. It really makes no sense at all.

    My best...or I should say WORST incident happened just recently.

    I had been doing a few jobs for some of my current customers and I didnt have the best or most efficient equipment in order to perform these tasks. So I had starting pricing some of the stand alone equipment, but then after looking at the price and versitility of the Echo Pro Series and the attachments I decided this was perfect for the jobs I was performing and since these jobs were not being performed on an everyday basis I didnt feel the need for dedicated equipment was neccesary.

    I must say I am very pleased with the pro series and the attachments..They work great.... of the attachments I purchased was the power pruner..It does a great job on those tree limbs...If anyone has seen this attachment it looks like a long metal spear with a chain saw on the end...and with its long shaft it fit well between the two brackets on my long as I used a bungy to secure it in place...(again...the job of a bracket)

    So here I was traveling down one of our major interstates rushing to try and avoid the rush hour traffic which was about to commence...Unfortunately I was a few minutes late and as I approached the the overpass where the highway I was on crosses over another major interstate I hit the traffic jam. Of course I was doing more than I should have been...thinking of tomorrows appointments etc...

    In any event ...I had to stop rather abruptly..

    What happened next looked like something out of a movie.. I hear this clang to my right....and out of the corner of my eye I see my brand new pruner attachment go shooting past me on the right hand side of my truck (Panic struck)...skipping and sliding across the asphalt past the next two cars in front of me it which point I lost sight of it (relief it must have stopped)..only to regain seeing it as it somehow hit the side of the highway and shot over the railing of the overpass (More Panic). At this point traffic was moving at a snails pace so I was able to pull over close enough to the railing to stop. I exited my vehicle and looked over the railing to see my pruner attachment 40 feet down half in the break down lane and the other half out in the slow lane...Needless to say even at 40 feet I could see substancial damage to the shaft. I can assume since the chain saw end is much heavier...this was the end that took the brunt of the 40 foot fall. I didnt see any cars below that were pulled over, or any that had any damage to them...and I did take a few moments to access the situation.

    There wasnt much I could do at that point...If I would have seen someone hurt, or pulled over with there vehicle, I would have driven to the next exit and turned around....but there wasnt, and from the looks of the unit laying down there on the highway..there was not much point at going down to retrieve it. Plus, by the time I would have been able to get off the overpass I was on and back down to the crash site, I'm sure the unit would have been picked up by a motorist. Not worth much more than the scrap value at this point.

    I guess bungy cords were not meant to be used as a safe and secure bracketing method either....or as a bandaid to fix a substandard bracket. I haven't gone back to my dealer to purchase a replacement...I'm still just a little bit embarrassed.

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    no cinder blocks back there just when u turn they would roll from side to side and smash the snot out of them :)
  3. blakeg314

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    i need a trimmer rack
  4. bigjeeping

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    Matt, I PMed you my info but didn't hear anything back
  5. Matt

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    I just got your information, didn't notice that there was private messages here. We are shipping the trimmer racks out today for everyone that has won so far.
  6. R&J Lawn

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    I will give you a couple,

    1. As the day goes on nearing the end, My guy gets done trimming, puts the trimmer in "The Rack"- Pulls out a mower and helps finish mowing... All is good. We load up the mowers and blowers, and we are on our way. Not 20ft later we hear a scraping noise, My man had forgot to put the back pin in, the trimmer had fallen out of the back and was ran over by the trailer wheel. Needless to say, a new head, shafts, and Edgit. It is as good as new!!

    2. Leaving the shop, going to our 1st yard, we get there and "What do you know" no trimmer!! so we back track a couple of blocks, there it is layng in someones front yard, the Pins did not get latched properly, and well, you guessed it. It flew off- a Gas tank, Throttle trigger, Plastic, and it was near new with a few gouges and scratches.

    Moral of the storey- We spend alot of cash on eqiupment to rely upon a non-superior piece of eqiupment for storage- and the brain power to make sure it is all hooked in right!!

  7. jc50292

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    Thus far, I've still not bought a trimmer rack. I've heard one LCO owner after another complain about the one that they did buy, one actually talking me out of buying as I was about to purchase it. Up to now, I've been keeping my trimmers "bungi-corded down" on my 36" mower, but it bends the guard to do it that way. I was supposed to buy a trimmer rack this week, but I simply haven't gotten out to do it. I'd love for you to save me the trouble!
    Here's a story though: I pull an enclosed trailer and my sons often help me. Well, closing the side door is not something I even think about anymore, I just know it's always done...except this day. My oldest son had simply set the trimmer inside of the side door of the trailer. We went around a corner and got onto the Evangeline Thruway when I hear this honking beside me. I look over, and a lady in a truck is waving at me and pointing at the back of her truck and at my trailer. We pull over and she tells me what happened as she reaches into the back of her truck and pulls my trimmer out. The turning lanes are right next to each other...two lines of cars at a time. She was next to me and as we got all the way into the turn, the side door of my trailer opened and the trimmer slid out. The rear end of the trimmer hit the pavement and because it was dropping hard and fast the front of the trimmer was rotating up and over. As the trimmer hit the pavement it bounced back up and somehow the momentum caused it to ride the side of her truck and it ended up in the back of her truck. She was very good-natured about didn't do any noticeable damage to the side of her truck and my boys now double check the latches every time. My oldest son did ask me why I don't have a trimmer rack didn't have a good answer for that one.
  8. work4green

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    Well I suppose I don't have any horror stories about trimmer racks since I haven't used any in the 10 years I've been in business. That is because I have not found any 'trimmer' racks I deem capable of holding two or three 25 pound(each), $1000(each) 'weedeaters'. You see, I specialize in clearing underbrush, and that requires heavier 'trimmers' than most other landscapers. I am using stihl FS550 and husqvarna 265RX clearing saws. I have not found a rack that can take the weight, diameter of shaft, or accomodate the bulky handlebars of these machines. It's difficult to tell from the website, but I doubt even these fantastic racks will hold them. They have been stored in the back of my truck(with camper shell to prevent theft). This makes the truck very crowded, as well as difficult and time consuming to remove tools.

    Well, why am I posting in this thread you ask? I do have a hedge trimmer mounted on a weedeater head that uses the normal diameter shaft. This type of hedge trimmer tends to shift in a regular rack, rotating the engine upside down- leaking gas. The extra weight of the sickle bar head would also bounce, damaging the shaft. This new style mount looks like it would hold it very well. :weightlifter: That'd free up more space in the back of the truck for the clearing saws.

    I also like the looks of the Fastrap tiedowns you manufacture. I've been looking for a solution for tieing my ATV down that did not require compressing the suspension.
  9. RPM1

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    last year was my 1st year in the business and i never have had a trimmer rack before i never knew where to get one,i alwalys have had a fear of parking my truck and trailer and coming back to them with my trimmers and edgers gone, not a good feeling. if i do not win a rack could you send me some info about it thanks matt
  10. The Lawn Patrol

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    I just started in business a year ago. I am a police officer full time. I am totally legit with liability insurance and DBA.

    I do not have a really good story other than the trimmer I bought last year is broken from getting bounced around in the back of my truck.

    I'd be happy to give you some free advertising via a new trimmer rack here in the Capital District of NY

    Thanks very much for your consideration.


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