Xtreme Series Line Trimmer Rack Give-Away

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    Well this is my second season in business. I bought a smaller trailer (10 foot) because the 16' landscape trailer I had last year was just to big for what I am going to be doing this year. I pull it around with a Ford Expedition because I can't afford to trade it in for a pickup. I have been carring my weedeater, edger, trimmers, and fert spreader in the back because I haven't had the time or money to buy a rack. One of those would some in real handy and I could put it to good use. Hopefully I won't pass out from the gas smell in the Expo before I get one.

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  2. B&M

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    After our first year in business I decided that I wanted (needed) a set of trimmer racks. I proceeded look into what the local dealer's had to offer, mostly name brand and off brand racks none of which looked like they would hold up longer than a year. So I started looking for racks on the internet and basically found more of the same poor quality, and high price. After all this I finely said screw this I'll just fab up a set. I proceeded to build what I though was a strong set of two place racks for our main trailer. After all this research and work what I ended up with is no better that what I could have bought, our trimmers spin, and one of my welds broke. Here are pictures of the damage to the guard.
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    I'm just getting started in the mowing business and I went out bought a trailer with 4' sides and expanded metal, unfortunately I found out if you don't have everything locked down then agile theives will scale the side of your trailer and steal your weedeater, while you are inside having a burrito at Taco Bueno. I think one of your weed eater racks is exactly what I need to attach to my trailer.

  4. AbsoluteH&L

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    Well this isin't a misfortune, not for me at least. But a good story.
    While on the way to my next lawn I spot this trimmer laying on the edge of the road. It's partly in the road, grass and someones driveway. I turn the corner, pull over, and grab it before someone runs it over. At present I just keep my trimmers in my trailer with the mowers. A Extreme Series trimmer rack would be a professional addition to my trailer. But obviously smart purchase for anyone with an inferior trimmer rack. I like the block mounts that keep it from rattling around as on lessor racks.
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    MY STORY is mostly the same as all the rest, when i started out a years back, i bought a no name brand trimmer rack, it didnt even have pads to protect the trimmer at all, it was made from angle iron, and had (C) channel were the trimmer went, with a pin to hold the trimers in, well, i bought two new echo gt2000 trimmers and put them in the rack, after the first day of use, i noticed that the plastic handles on the trimmers were getting chewed my the metal, a week later, one trigger(throttle) broke, and they both started hard or were flooded due to the fact that they spun around in the rack, i felt like a fool ever time i was at the curb and having to struggle to get them started....not to mention the fact that i could go back and trace my route by following the gas trail i left behind.... i ended up removing the trimmer rack and the trimmers started right up like the were suposed too.not the greatest story but it mine .... thanks for letting me share with you all....
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    first off let me say im 20yrs old and worked for everything i have my grandparents gave me the first 21inch mower i used and that was it(which i still have today)

    but anyways i bought a used 6x10 trailer off a guy at my cusins work. it had homeade trimmer racks on them. i tried to use them but the trimmer would just not stay on so i finaly cut them off seeing that they were welded on. i lost one trimmer b.c of those racks. now im out another couple hundred bucks. so then i started to put it in the bed of my truck. if you take a sharp turn you can hear them roll roll roll smash into the side of the bed, take another turn roll roll roll smash into the other side of the bed. all day long. so finaly i desided to buy a homemade set off of ebay 40bucks and at my house a week later. so i put them on...fist thing that happens is i break the trigger on the trimmer, if nothing is on them they sway back and forth back and forth. they rusted out like no other and to this day i am left with nothing. i have gone thru 2trimmer racks and 3trimmers due to rack or no racks so i am in need of something good.

    good luck to everyone if i can find a pic of the orig i will post it youll get a kick out of it...or better yet my uncle mite still have it...he took it for some odd reason...thanks a lot
  7. Rhinox29

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    My first rack was from a nationaly known Tractor company. I was just starting out and was looking for a cheap alternative. They have no locking mechanisim so I came up with my own way to lock up my trimmers. Everything was fine until one day my partner and I stopped for lunch. When we came out everything was gone rack, trimmers,edgers etc. The racks were so cheaply made the crooks just bent the posts back and forth until the bars bent and eventually broke off. Thank goodness for insurance. I have a better version now but from what I can tell from your racks the newer one has a long way to go to reach your quality. Your racks sure would be a blessing.

  8. Metro Lawn

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    I wish I had a good rack story to tell, but i don't. Fact is, over the years I have spent all kinds of money on every type rack you can imagine. I have never had one break. I have never had one damage a trimmer. I have never even had anything stolen off of one. Want to know why? They are so hard to use and such a pain that my guys just put the trimmers in the back of the truck and never use them. Since I run enclosed trailers, they do store them on the racks at night, but first thing in the morning they are in the bed of the truck. It appears your system may be a better idea that will make them want to use the racks. Thanks and good luck with the product.
  9. Duekster

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    Go out to the shinny new big client ready to impress only to stuck unable to finish the job because the line trimmer was damaged. Had to pack up to go get it fixed but because of parts availability at the local shop was a no go. So I shelled for a new unit just to get the job done.

    Down time cost more than these racks cost on just one good job.

    I am buying these soon.
  10. bigjeeping

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    Got my racks today... WOW.
    These definitely weren't "fabbed up" in the shop over the weekend.
    These took some skillful and thoughtful design! I've never seen a rack like it.

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