Xtreme Series Line Trimmer Rack Give-Away

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  1. donniegbme

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    This will be my third year doing lawn service. I got married and inherited two step children in addition to my two children, one of which I pay child support. The father of my two step children does not believe in paying his child support and since he works for him self, it is impossible to collect. I was having a tough time paying bills and had to figure out a way to make ends meet. That is how I got in the lawn service business. I started with a riding mower and a push mower. The weedeater that I had could not do the job so I bought a used Stihl weedeater for 220.00. I also bought a small handheld blower. I started out putting the weedeater, blower and other stuff in the back of my truck but by the time I got to the jobsite the equipment was always flipping and rolling around and losing gas everywhere.

    Then I decided strap the equipment down with bungy cords in my trailer with my mowers. This worked well until the time it didn't at the end of last season.

    It was late in the day and as usual I was tired. I guess I did not strap the cord around my weedeater good enough. I was driving down the road when a guy in a 4x4 truck came up beside me at a red light and motioned for me to pull over. I pulled over and he came up to my truck holding the remains of my weedeater. The housing was busted up and the shaft was bent. He told me the weedeater bounced out of my trailer as I crossed over some railroad tracks and he did not have time to dodge it. He ran right over it. We looked his truck over and there was no damage to his truck. I cannot say the same about my weedeater. He was very nice about the situation and I was lucky it was not someone in a small car that was lawsuit happy. There are good people.

    I just invested in 2 new weedeaters and a backblower. I have been looking at buying a trimmer rack to try and keep something like this from happening again but everything that I read about them in these forums has kept me from buying one, but I have got to do something. If you feel that I am worthy, I would love to give your rack a workout.
  2. grassnazi1

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    Sooooo, here is my horror story of the first ever string trimmer rack! We purchased a used trailer with a no name trimmer rack already on it and it worked out pretty well for the first 2 days.... The 3rd day was yet another story..... Taking a well needed lunch break In McDonalds drive thru, the back post closest to the drop gate snapped at the weld as we were turning the corner, spun around and wacked the voice box at the drive thru and knocked out there speaker..... All said and done, my cheap trailer and trimmer rack ended up costing me an additional $245 bucks from wacking a Mcdonalds drive thru speaker not to mention busting up the echo trimmer we had on it a little too. Needless to say, I am more then sure it also scared the hell out out of the lady working the drive thru with the headset on because we pulled up and she said "what the hell did you do?!?!" So there's my 2 cent story, maybe it'll be worth a new rack, it looks great! Scott
  3. Big M LawnnSnow

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    My old racks were so bad they just were not worth using.
    Trimmers would spin, fall out and get slammed around also there was zero security with them.
    It got so the guys would just put the trimmers in the back of the truck which leads to more problems.
    Your racks sure look like there made to do the job they are intended to do.
    I would like to see them in action.
    Thanks for the info
  4. Matt

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    We are gonna have decided to award you with one of our racks.

    Our rack is so fast and easy to use it is actually faster to put it in the rack than to throw it in the back of a pickup truck. And since it doesn't roll around in the rack it will eliminate any damage to your trimmers.

    Let us know how it goes, you should have your rack by Monday at the very latest.
  5. Matt

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    Glad to see it made it to you safely.

    Is there any way you can take pictures of the rack mounted on your trailer? We could use some more pictures for our website.

    Thank you
  6. Duncan90si

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    Yeah sure, not a problem. My trailer is parked in a bad spot for pictures right now. As soon as I move it I will take pics and post them up here for you.
  7. scagwildcat

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    heres a story, since i posted my story and didnt win a rack, i had to go out and order one from your competitor,and had to take the money from my 2yo's
    collage fund, how do you feel now? just kidding, but seeing not everyone here will win one, how much are they?
  8. evenodds20

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    Well about 1 year ago i started getting tools together and getting ready to start marketing on the budget that i had. i have previously worked with lawn care business for hourly wage but feel up to running my very own now. i went out and bought 1 echo straight shaft trimmer and a curved shaft trimmer for my wife. i have a weed eater brand but that is always giving me problems. i also invested in a husqvarna commercial backpack blower! now i always wanted to get the trimmer racks to look a little more professional and also to secure my trimmers the right way and safely. Ive looked at a few but the ones that i had in mine i could not afford at the time. One day in august i was finished up cutting for the evening and approaced a railroad in a not so good neiborhood, and came to a stop as the rail road gaurds came down and the train came. I was waiting for a train that seemed to be forever and all of a sudden i looked in my rear view mirror to see 3 guys on my passenger side standing next to my trailer. for some reason i froze in disbelief as to what they were doing. they were all looking down and then one guy looked up. as i opened my door the each grabbed a tool and hauled A** back through a little dirt pathway that lead between 2 houses and i never saw them again. my first instinct was to chase them but i quickly realize that i could not just leave my truck. so i went to the nearest gas station, parked and called the cops. needless to say my Echo Straight Shaft, Curved Shaft , backpack blower and a can of gass was never seen again. the cops told me i should have had it lock in a rack and began telling me where i can get one! sorry writing soooooo much !
  9. lawntimenosee

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    I just placed my order for the Xtreme Series Four Place Trimmer Rack..

    I look forward to recieving them and will post some pics.

    So far these racks look like the best out there!

    Thanks for the reviews.. :dancing:
  10. lawntimenosee

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    new racks installed..






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