Xtreme Series Line Trimmer Rack Give-Away

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  1. Branchland

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    Here's my story. When I first started I had (still do) a 6x12 open trailer. No racks. I put the trimmer and blower in the truck bed. When I'd stop to eat I would run a chain through the handles and lock them together to try and deter anybody from stealing them. What a PITA. Luckly I have not had anything stolen. Now I have a enclosed trailer but still no racks. I did make one with some stuff from Lowe's but they are not secure. They will move around and if I hit a big bump they fall. Well now I just hired somebody and I'm going to give them the old truck with the open trailer. With no racks I'm going to educate him on how I used to do it. I just hope they don't get stolen or broke.
  2. Frontier-Lawn

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    the trimmer racks we use we got at Lowe's and have never been happy with them since they were a week old. the 5 trimmers just roll around all the time. to end this we put wood blocks in the holders against the trigger handle, and it worked for now. the other problem is that the pins in the holes only take a Small lock and thats not to safe. we would love to change out our racks to a better type.
  3. Poncho25

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    How heavy are these racks? I got trimmertraps racks but they are so heavy that I had to use 2x4's on the plywood in my enclosed trailer to get them to stay up, even still they are heavy and now stickout so much, I would love to exchange them for something not as bulky for enclosed trailers... And the weight of them have already done damage to 2 of my trimmers shafts, and being in business now for almost a year, that a cost I can not afford! : /
  4. Lynden-Jeff

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    They arn't heavy at all. Maybe 5 lbs a post? I didn't weigh it but it isn't much, its like a peice of small fence post.


    BUCKEYE MOWING LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Being a small time guy ..I do not have any trimmer racks and I keep my stuff in the bed of my truck under a tonneau cover....I stopped at a McD's in a nice area and as I sat down to eat..I watched as 2 guys pull ed back my cover (the hatch was locked) and attempt to make off with both my trimmers ...they seemed to know they were there and did not care who was watching ....long story short carefull ....I ran after them but they made off with one ..they had friends waiting behind the place in another truck....Police say you will be lucky to see your stuff....yada yada yada ..Lock it up boys place is safe. I will be looking at racks that lock on Monday !!
  6. Duncan IN

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    I had been in the lawn care industry for 6 years without a trimmer rack. I have seen all my competitors all have racks on their trailers. I have looked at so many and was never satisfied with design and eas of use. Last year I was in louisville, IL looking at new equipment when I came across the extreme trimmer rack. I was instantly set on this new design. I paid in advance there and recieve my rack this spring. I have been extremely happy with it and I feel completely safe about my weedeaters in this rack and its convenance of use I would recommend this rack to anyone!!!!

    Levi Duncan
    Lone Tree Lawn Care
  7. statman

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    Why I need a new trimmer rack....

    I started mowing commercially 10 years ago. I started to help out some older folks in my neighborhood that could no longer maintain their own yards. Then my parents and in-laws hit 75 or so and they could not take care of their own lawns. Then it was an aunt, then her friend, then our church and parsonage. I ended up with 35 yards, and felt pretty good that I was helping out folks in need and not taking advantage of them.

    In my third year or so, I got a bacterial infection in my leg. The doctors think I scratched up my leg weed-wacking and got some dog dooo or something in it. I landed in the hospital for 7 days in May. I had no choice but to turn over total operation of the "business" to my two teenage sons. Wow, what a nightmare I thought. BUT, they sucked it up and worked together and kept up quite nicely. In fact, they even added a customer.

    Fast forward about 7 years, and they (my sons) decide they want to go out on their own. One is getting married and buying a house and the other wants a new truck and doesn't want to go in debt up to his armpits. I decided that I wanted an enclosed trailer, so I bought a new Haulin' and gave them my old open trailer, my back-up ZTR mower , a 21 inch Toro, Echo trimmer and blower, and a Little Wonder edger.

    My trimmer rack went with the old trailer. Now my trimmer, stick edger, and backpack blower are rolling around on the floor of my new trailer, just asking to get ran over whenever I load up. I have been looking at racks, but want to get some cash flowing in before I spend any more money.

    Thanks for the opportunity to reflect a bit and for offering such a nice prize!
  8. IA_James

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    As a newer lawn care provider, I am of course working on a limited budget. One of the most important things to me right now is making sure the equipment I've acquired, remains mine. Right after that, is making sure to take care of and not cause any damage to that equipment. The Xtreme series trimmer racks appear to be ideal to meet both needs. The locking system appears to be the best thing since sliced bread, both locking all trimmers up at once, and eliminating the opportunity for me to lose the lock. Second, the elimination of the trimmer rolling around in the blocks will prevent damage to my expensive trimmers, and both unsightly and potentially dangerous fuel leaks. In short, it appears that the Xtreme series trimmer racks are the best of all worlds when it comes to trimmer racks for a guy with an open trailer.
  9. Hogey2000

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    This is my first post. I have been looking for a quality set of trimmer racks for a while. About the time I found one I want my wife and I were at a local home improvement center when she turns my attention to a, as she put it, "very affordable" trimmer rack. In other words "cheap". So I bought it. I've had nothing but headaches since. I had a Stihl trimmer stolen when someone cut the long shank lock that was supposed to secure it. Since then I bought an Echo trimmer that for brand new it looks at least two years old instead of two months because of the way it bounces around in the rack. Now its starting to leak fuel from the tank and that is not cheap. Anyway a long story short I always tell her you get what you pay for, "affordable" isn't always "quality".
  10. mhussey

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    I was mowing one day and didn't feel like putting my trimmer in the bed of the truck ( Don't have racks as of now). So I decided to just lay them inside the trailer. I didn't have far to go, so I said oh why not. Well got to my next stop and seen mower rolled up on my trimmer. Needless to say I was already kicking my self in the butt, but it ended up breaking my trigger, and the kill switch. I thought I broke the shaft, but didn't. I got really lucky on that situation.

    Another problem I have is trimmers will roll around in the bed of the truck and fuel will spill on the bed. I have a touch of OCD when it comes to my truck. So I get pissed when I see a oil spill in the bed of my new truck.

    These racks look like they could solve every issue with carrying trimmers around. I have been looking at some el cheapo racks and they just don't look to stand up to what these racks could stand up too. In my opinion, these look to be the best built on the market.

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