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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Ramairfreak98ss, Apr 18, 2006.

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    some of you may know, wells cargo makes a "motortrac" line of trailers for racing mostly. Im looking at a 24' motortrac trailer with 2 5200lb axles, drivers side "escape" door, pass side upgraded 48" door and standard rear door, its the widebody 8.5' wide and also upgraded to add 6" height for a total of 68". Its a FLATTOP meaning no nice round edges at the top, or anywhere for that standpoint. The edges do not have nice caps to them, they simply either are sheet aluminum metal that stops or is rounded and then screwed in. Im trying to stay under 7k for this but it seems everytime i add what "i want" its 9-10k.

    It also only has a 3yr warranty not the standard wells cargo 6yr and has the old style lights not the new LED all standard on all other wells cargo auto trailers. It also has "bias ply" tires not radials, does that really matter or how LOW am i going on skimping on these options? I have a deal to get a 24' model for $6800 down from the $7,999 normal price apparently. Ive seen haulmarks too and some say theyre not built as "well" as the wells cargo is. Is it bad to skimp on some of the quality features like this?

    I dont want to be kicking myself next year trying to get rid of the barely used trailer for the more expensive one anyway. any opinions are appreciated :usflag: :dancing: :walking:
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    Here is the link of the 20ft version they have in stock. They said the only differences are the door options i picked out and the tires would be "larger" since i opted for the dual 5200lb axles. If you notice the WHITE trailer is their more expensive one and has caps at the top and each corner, the Mototrac one just has the sheetmetal come to a "sharp" end, not really cut your finger sharp but a rough edge. I cant complain really but are there any negatives to this "FLAT top" type trailer? Most ones i see are NOT flat like this.
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    Do yourself a favor. Just spend the money on a wells cargo landscaper. Because they are designed for everyday use.

    I got a motorcycle wells cargo and it great, but I can see from daily use, its not going to last as long as the landscaper version.

    So don't be a penny pincher now. Cause spending a few more $$$$ now is going to get another 5 to 7 years out of the trailer.
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    The landscaper 24s are in the 9k + range plus extra options like the larger side door, they dont have the door on the other side which im not really concerned about anyway. even though its only 2k, im lucky to afford the 7k at this time in the season. Plus once i get the thing, ill need etrack installed, exterior reflective 3M tape, gas racks inside, trimmer and blower racks, harnesses and buckles for equipment lockdown and a storage bin or something... im looking to have to spend another 1000 on those items most likely after the cost of the trailer.

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