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    Here in the Northeast I have been looking to replace a trailer with a new 16-18ft. I had previously bought all trailers locally until my last purchase which I bought in Georgia and brought home on the way home from FL. (20ft 12,000lbs towed by a Pathfinder looked funny but is pulled well) What I am wondering is where I can find a good price for a 16-18ft Landscape. I will be traveling to FL as well as IL this spring so south or midwest would be acceptable.

    Give me some prices.

    Electric brakes, 4-5ton, Wood deck, Ramp.
  2. HOMER

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    I'm going to purchase one from a dealer in Dothan, Al. The one I saw was very well built, tube frame and rails, 18' with a side gate, new tires and wheels and attention was paid to the details. Asking price was $1800.00 It had 2 3500 lb axles but no brakes. I didn't ask how much more brakes would be--probably $100.00 or so. Nice trailer though.

    That is if I don't get the enclosed I was looking at yesterday.
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    Give Choo choo trailer a call in I've bought 2 from them,Ican't find anyone cheaper.423-842-5060 :) :)
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    CT18fireman, here is a link you can look at:

    This is the trailer manufacturer that I bought from. They are located 8 miles from where I live. Very well built trailers. What is nice about them is that all lights are fully recessed so there is no worry about crushing the lights.

    Look at U2 series. It is a dual axle trailer with pressure treated wood deck, can have electric brakes on both axles, comes in 16', 18', 20' lengths and can be rated up to #10000.
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    Why go so far??? Right here in New Jersey their is a manufacturer Stephan L Green. He's about 10 minutes from my house. They make all kinds of trailers. Stephan L Green Trailer (732)938-5663
    Farmingdale New Jersey. Wed site:
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    Look at the site WXMN6 sent. $2000.00 for a good trailer. I have seen the same in the south for $1200.00 or less. Since I am going there by truck anyway, why not tow one home?

    Just looking for the best deals. I think dealers/manufacturers charge way to much for trailers up here.
  7. givey

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    If you check the Want Advertiser under trailers there is a place in Randolph Ma that sells them for a reasonable price. I've used one of theis for the last 5 years with no problems.
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  9. turfcare

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    I bought a new 16' duel axle trailer with 3500lb. axles, brakes on one axle, four foot gate, square tubing, used tires and wheels for $900.00. The one I bought had a small dent in one fender. He sells this trailer for $960.00 everyday. These trailers are at Ed Johnson Equipment in Murfresboro Tennessee. I have been very pleased
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    Kevin Tyler out of Ontario. 1-866-900-7446 or 519-243-2696

    Canadian Gov. subsidizes the steel industry so the manufactures up there use better quality steel while maintaining reasonable prices.

    Canadian specs are a little more strict than down here...better quality trailers.

    Kevin builds and drives into US. Port Huron, MI

    6x14 tube frame, tandum 3500 axles, pressure treated deck with 4'gate, choice of colors for $1400.

    Keep in mind that there are manufacturers in the US that build their trailers out of the cheapest quality angle iron they can get their hands on. Do your homework before you buy.

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