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    hi everyone,<br>my dad came over tonight and said he might be able to get me a trailer. his boss has one that he has grown out of, not sure what it was used for (they do steel) but what could possible be wrong with it? i am guessing its a 4x8 maybe bigger. i know bigger is better and have been thinking about getting one for a year now. cant buy a new one right now, its not in the budget, neither is a used one, but this one is for free so why not? for now it will help, i know a lot of people with hitches on there trucks that can pool it for me when needed. an it will be there when i turn 16 and get my truck. what i am looking for is advice on what things to get for it. i am thinking sides so i can haul brush and soil etc. a tool box for the toungue to put fuel and hand tools in. what else do you guys have? would a trimmer rack be worth the money for me? i only have one. also another important thing is tieing stuff down and towing, what saftey steps do i need to take? first trailer and the people that will be towing it are not towing experts. thanks alot.<br><p>----------<br>Scottie Schmidt<br>STS Lawn Care
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    The first thing you do is make sure the hitch is in good working order, the safty chains are in good shape and the lights work. My trailer came disconed from the truck a couple of months ago, the safty chains didn't work and the trailer slamed into an oncoming car, not pretty just be carful and if something is work or not working corectly don't tow the trailer till it's fixed. <p>Anyway on my other trailer i have a rack for gas and stuff, a trimmer rack, sides, and i think i am going to put a water cooler rack and a tool box on it. good luck
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    scottie--welcome to the world of big toys for big boys...and girls.<p>you can't go wrong with the free offer at this point. you can do better, later.<p>I'm assuming the trailer has angle iron side rails on it. no good for hauling mulch, dirt or gravel. simple fix...cut a 4X8 sheet of 1/2 inch plywood in half legnthwise and slide it inside the rails bedore you load the loose material. works great.<p>I strongly recommend a coated cable and padlock to tie your things together if you leave them on the trailer. this won't help against a professional thief but it will help against people that would walk up and lift stuff off the trailer while you are payinf for gas. and that happens alot.<p>good luck.<p>GEO
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    Contact TrimmerTrap or Jungle Wheels they offer bolt on products that hold all lawn tools in a orderly fashion like blowers, trimmers, water coolers, etc. Try as a link to gain acess to on line accessories for your trailer.
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    Make sure it has lights on it and they all work. Depending on what your pulling make sure it has duel axles (2 wheels on each side) A mesh gate for easy clean up. Saftey chains and electric brakes. The mesh gate you don't really need but make sure you have every thing else!!! Good Luck Travis AG&G Lawn Maintenance :)
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    Hi,<br>here is a update, trailer is 4.5x10 (bigger then i thought) it has expanded metal flooring (stronger?) no gate, no sides (not even railing). still its free, my dad can put a gate and sides on it (its coming from his boss they do steel work, such as modifying trailers). its a single axle, but thats all i need for now, all i have is a 22'' mower and a 16 hp tractor. also in case you didnt know i am 14. this would be better then having to load a truck every time i get a job. with the trailer i can keep the equip on it and just hitch it up. we have a feeling the lights are no good, i am guessing not to bad because you can get a kit for $20. so what is everyone thoughts now? size is fine i know, what about the expanded metal flooring? <br>thanks,<p><p>----------<br>Scottie Schmidt<br>STS Lawn Care
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    As soon as you get it home pull the wheels off and clean, inspect, and grease them. On a free trailer they will need it. Then check the hole pattern on the wheels and go to a auto junk yard and get a spare. Also, Give a lot of thought to where you are going to put the new lights. You dont want to knock them off to soon.<p>Frank
  8. stslawncare

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    hey,<br>what is everyones thoughts on expanded metal flooring? what is a avergage weight capacity (i know theres a word for it) for a 4.5x10 single axle trailer? also was wondering what would be good to use for sides? i am thinking wood and that would allow for brush etc. any disadvantages to this? just a railing doesnt give you much height. <p>----------<br>Scottie Schmidt<br>STS Lawn Care
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    Hi,<br>I finally saw the trailer today and its mine! its official now. its not at my house (its at my dads) but it is mine. It is bigger then i was thinking (thats a good thing) it has expaned metal flooring that is in good condition, tires look fine but are a bit small. question is can i put bigger tires on without putting a new axle on? the tires say like 900lbs on them, does that mean the thing can hold 1800lbs? thats almost a ton and that seems a bit much for a single axle trailer. what would you guess it can hold? also i think it might be a tilt bed, havent checked though, what are your thoughts on this? it doesnt have a gate btw.<br>Thanks<p>----------<br>Scottie Schmidt<br>STS Lawn Care

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