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  1. dirtTurd

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    I would like some input on fine-cutt trailmowers? Which is the best brand and pros and con about it. Would i be better getting a riding mower? I will be cutting about 2.2 acres. I have not heard good or bad so any imput would be thankful.
  2. AltaLawnCare

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    I would say do a search, but I just did looking for some of my old posts and didn't find anything. Tehy must have gotten lost in a server move.:mad:

    I use my TORO as one:Trailing TORO mower

    I also have a swisher tow behind - two wheels. A trail mower is only worth the trouble if pulled by a mower - four wheelers don't do too good. Also you have to have a big open field - I usually "band" the field two or three times to give room to turn around.

    I'm not familiar with "fine-cutt", but my swisher was a waste of time and money.
  3. Albemarle Lawn

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    I recently sold a JD 48" W/B with only 748 hours for $450.00 because it had a hopelessly poor gear-drive transmission.

    I have a similar 54" JD with the same crappy gear drive.
    Looks like its going in to my welder along with my ZTR. Going to do the same as you did.

    For my big jobs I'll have 72"ZTR towing offset 54" W/B for a total of 120" Cut. (There will be some overlap).

    25HP + 17HP= 42HP hitting the turf.


  4. AltaLawnCare

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    I actually copied the idea. I saw a Big JD (455or bigger??) pulling two on teh front yard of a big commercial prop.

    When I get time, I'll get better pictures. The trick is the hitch hasd to "float" so it won't bind on uneven terrain. I mounted a 1-7/8" ball on the rear of teh JD and used a coupling for the end of the square tubing. On the toro, I mounted a reciever mount (from Northern Tool) bolted to it that the tubing slides into - on this end it is hinged to allow for up and down movement, this allows it to pivot freely and not bind.

    To use it, I pull out two clips on the toro's belt tension drive, slide in the end of the tongue into the reciever on the toro, and latch the coupling to the JD.

    It's a load on the JD pulling it, but it does OK. If I ever upgrade to a Z, all I have to do is mount a ball on the back. :D

    It took some trial and error to get working.
  5. gorrell

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    DT, I doubt if you're going to be taken very seriously with the moniker, "dirtturd". Was that the best you could do? MHO.....Lynn
  6. dirtTurd

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    Lynn, if you don't like my screen name don't reply. Was about to go buy swisher but now i have got second thoughts.

    AltaLawnCare thanks for the input.

    What about Agri-fab has anyone see or have one of their trailmowers?
  7. AltaLawnCare

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    What are you gonna pull it with??
    The problems I have with mine are ; scalps easy, poor cut , tongue too weak, hard to match cut with front mower, too slow, spindles are D shaped rather than round (unique blades), spindles are weak, belt drive poorly designed...
    Heres the swisher site, mine is the 10.5 HP 42" two wheeled version (mine is 3 years old, they've probably changed some things):Swisher Mowers
    Hope this helps.
  8. awm

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    well dirt turd ,my take on it is that any good walkbehind
    would be a good trailmower if so designated. its rough onum.
    i have 10 acres and a good part was cleared with a walkbehind.
    gosh i hated to do that to that mower. it took it all though and was returned to a turf mower.later now
  9. Ric

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    Surprised that Eric has not posted a reply. Dixie makes one that is pulled by a chopper. You can 360 the chopper with it attached. I have only seen pictures of it so don't know how good it works. Northern Tool sells one but it might be the swisher. LOL
  10. mowingmachine

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    Search the internet for trailmowers or pull behind mowers. There are several other brands out there that haven't been mentioned.


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