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trailor size?

Birddog Lawncare

LawnSite Member
I'm in the market for a new trailor and am unsure of what size to purchase? I will be a solo operation w/ a 36wb. My problem is I don't want to buy small and then looking to upgrade in a year or two, but then again I do not want to buy one that is over kill? Is a 12 footer or 16 footer best?

Metro Lawn

LawnSite Silver Member
a 6x12 should keep you going for a few years. It will hold 2 w/b or a z and a w/b plus the other stuff.

Jim H

LawnSite Member
No. Georgia
Just starting out myself and bought a 6 x 12 with a 36in w/b and 21" toro. Although I know I will eventually need the space it looks very empty right now! :(


LawnSite Member
Smithfield, NC
Go larger than you think you need. It will fill up fast. I bought a 6.5x12 last year and already need at least a 16ft. I found an 18 for the same price as th 16 I was looking at. I'm going to go ahead and get the extra 2ft. I plan on keeping the 12 footer though with hopes of needing it later for my future employees!!


LawnSite Fanatic
I would get the 6 x 12. If you are just starting out that is the best all around trailer. It's not too small and not too big. You shouldn't grow out of this trailer for at least 5+ years. Even if you do, you will always have it as a backup.


LawnSite Gold Member
I am also a solo operator and with the trimmer racks and and other accesories you can carry most everything you need on the 6x12, I carry 2 mowers most all time and a push edger