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Training beavers to trim trees for you!!! Read it!

Mr. Magpie

LawnSite Senior Member
South Florida
This is half joke, half serious: Can you train some beavers and sick 'em on your trees?! If you could train one, all the others would follow suit. Those little devils can cut basically as fast as some small chainsaws, and they NEVER bog down! And their cutting blade never needs to be sharpened because they grow constantly! You can have a fleet of beefed up beavers, they go out on the trucks, they crawl all over customers trees and naw the hell out of them. You might even be able to use some of the small beavers as a hand-held. Hey, a beaver is lighter than a stump-grinder..... Smaller truck, better gas mileage. Maintenance would be some tender loving care and some corn and roots, easy.

You could call your business "Leave it to our Beavers". There wouldn't be any workers comp insurance cause those things just don't get hurt, their pro's. And while working for you, they would be doing what they want anyways..... no disgruntled employees!

Also, what is the difference between a beaver and a WOOD CHUCK?

Since they don't make noise, you could trim at night with lights, unless they got tired.