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  1. lawnboy

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    I have a company that services about 300 acounts, and we are having problems with our subcontractor for sprinklers. I was wondering if anyone knew of a training coarse in the sprinkler area in Michigan. We are located in West michigan, so of coarse the closer the better. Thanks.
  2. Rotor-Man

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    Lawnboy, left a message on your e-mail.
  3. azturfpro

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    Open your own irrigation department . We do on average 20-35k a month in irrigation repairs and maint . I have it in all my contracts that so many hours a month are included for irrigation checks and you can always find something to bill for . I charge $40.00 an hour and parts plus a 50% markup and people eat it up . Personally , I would not want another company to do my irrigation repairs as that can leave the door open for them to steal the account . There is a well known irrigation repair company out here that was doing just that . They would market their services to small companies and next thing they knew they had lost half their accounts . I pretty much exposed them for the cheats they were . They opened another yard in a different part of town and had no visible links between the two companies .
  4. SprinklerGuy

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    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, wonder who that was?
  5. GLAN

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    I like your sprinkler party approach..................Has it worked? brief details?
  6. lawnboy

    lawnboy LawnSite Senior Member
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    I think you guys misunderstood me. We do not do the sprinkler repairs, nor installs ourselves. Because of our problems with subcontractors on this part of our service, we would like to be trained to do it ourselves, and not sub it out. Is there anyone that does this in the Michigan area. If not, where could we go for this training...thanks
  7. rvsuper

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    Find a local supplier in your area. They usually have training courses in the winter when you can't do anything.
  8. navyman

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    Spartan Distributors in Sparta , MI.which is located a bit east of Muskegon offers classes in the winter early spring, also Century rain aid in Grand Rapids should be able to help
  9. lawnboy

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    thanks navy

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