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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by jman00, Aug 12, 2002.

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    Sorry i was so vague on the last post. In 4th gear the trans will jump up to between 4th and 5th. When it does th is i can hear a clicking like its grinding. The drive axles are not turning. I have to bump it with my knee so it will go back into gear. some times it does it alot and them somtimes it willhardly jump. Hills or just after a sharp turn seems to make it jump.

    I figured it was the trans going out and it needed work but i wanted some advise before i took it in. Another question is would be easier to just bolt a new one on of to have someone rebuild it.

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    Hey jman00,

    Thanks for getting back to me. It sounds to me like your transmission is reaching the end of its life. The only way to really tell what is wrong with it is to either inspect it yourself or have someone else inspect the transmission.

    The most common failure of the transmission is the shifter keys. You can inspect these without removing the transmission from the machine. All you have to do is remove the bolts holding the two case halves together. After you do that, you can inspect the four shifter keys. If this is your only problem, they are relatively cheap to fix. They cost about $15/each, and it doesn't take too long to change these out.

    If there is major transmission damage, it is a lot quicker to replace the transmission instead of rebuilding it; however, if only one or two gears are shot, you can replace these with new ones without killing your wallet. Just so you know, the transmission that you have is a Peerless 700-061. Any parts that you may need have to come from them. I'm sure your Exmark Dealer could get these parts from Peerless. Who knows. . .they may even have some in stock??? If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me when you can.

    One last thing. . .You may want to check the adjustment of the shifter lever. This can cause the trans. to jump out of gear, but I don't know if this would explain the grinding noise you are hearing. Check in the ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS section of your Operator's Manual (it's towards the front of the manual). It tells you how to do this.

    Talk to you later,

    Exmark Customer Support

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