Transformer Nightmare.

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    Things that make you go hmmmm....

    No comment, no blame. Just a couple of scary photos for Haloween.


  2. NightScenes

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    James, are those gas valves under those transformers????
  3. bmwsmity

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    holy crap man!

    is that an old unique trans?
  4. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    No that is a water valve I'm sure. These were pictures sent to me by another party.
  5. JoeyD

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    Why contribute to someone's smear campaign James?

    Gregg and I discussed this in private yesterday. He recieved this photo with an email from one of our "real professional" competitors sales reps with this note.

    "...everyone agrees to promote a certain way that does not
    > necessarily comply with UL and NEC, but is gray enough that no one
    > really cares.............that is, until someone's home burns down or
    > someone is killed. I took the attached pictures in the garage of a
    > house in Modesto. U transformer, melted wiring, did not trip their
    > glass fuse, and good thing the homeowner was home at the time this
    > occurred! "

    Number one 15v or 22v had nothing to do with this. The NEC has nothing to do with this as the NEC will clearly state that 30v or less is considered LV. So not only is this rep un educated he is also a slime ball for using a smear campaign as his sales pitch.

    Now it doesnt take a rocket scientist to know that this job was either wired up by the homeowner or a moron contractor. Either way the peerson has no clue about code or how to perform a professional install.

    This unit he is using is a Unique TF. It does not have secondary fusing on this model which is available from us. we do promote secondary protection! Either way it is pretty clear to me that the failure point is at a splice connection made by more than likely a loose wire nut. If you look at the lower photo you can clearly see there was indeed a splice connection that is the failure point. The transofrmer only shows smoke damage from the insulation that has burned off which burned due to the arching connection. This is not a high amperage short so it would not trip the primary glass fuse.

    Bottom line is, I said it before, a TF is only as good as it's installer. I could recreate this same situation with A Nightscaping or FX transformer all day. And if I was a "bash my competitor" sales guy like this rep is I would post up the hundred photos of burnt up Nightscaping, Kichler, Hadco, FX, and Focus TF's. This can happen to any unit.

    So in all I say thank you James for contributing to this rep's smear campaign. I wont post my "dirty" competitor photo's becuase I choose to make my sales pitch by discussing MY PRODUCTS, not my competitors. everyone knows that I will give an honest opinion, and if I cant say something nice about my competitor I wont say anything at all. This is a philosophy taught to all of our trained reps and is LAW at Unique.

    As I told Gregg yesterday when he politley emailed this to me, I am imediatly turned off by a sales person when he makes his whole pitch bashing his competitor. I am especially turned off when this is the example he uses and he clearly states false facts. I challenge any of you to show me a burned home, or injured person due to my products. I also lay out the challenge for any of you who question our saftey or legality by getting your expert and confrencing in with myself and Nate Mullen. (you guys all have access to our numbers) No Nightscaping rep or FX Rep or any competitor of ours will ever do this. Why? We dont know, we can only assume that they know they cant BS us because we come with the facts. They also know that the scare tactics they use are BS and thats all they have.

    This pissed me off yesterday when I saw this and after talking with Gregg I let it go, but now I am heated again. These sorry sales reps and there smear campaigns have been going on since our enception and reality is it drives Unique's buisness and it makes me want to work 10 times harder when I hear and see it. Fact is we must be hurting them somewhere for these guys to care so much about trying to bash us to customers!

    So I guess I should thank this rep, becuase for as many guys who believe this crap and turn away from Unique, there will be just as many guys who come to us with questions on this and become Unique advocates becuase they realize they were lied to by uneducated sales people and that we are real lighting guys who care about this industry!!

    I rest my case, tell this coward who sent this email out that he can contact Myself and Nate at 760-802-3737 or 760-580-4980.
  6. JoeyD

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    I blame Mitsubishi for this. If they only had a safer driver side impact zone.

    Should the driver be mad at Mitsubishi?

  7. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    Joey! Chill Out Man! Holy Cow... did you read my post on this? I clearly stated no comment, no blame. I simply thought that we all should see these photos. They are an example of what CAN happen and what we are all up against.

    As for all the nitty gritty details in your 'rebuttal'... well hey nobody had any background there until you spilled the beans! Talk about too much information man.

    Seriously, I am not contributing to any smear campaign in any way. I had no details and I posted no details....

    Similarly, no apologies from me, as I don't think I did anything wrong here. I simply wanted us to see what CAN happen and what type of work is out there and we are all up against. These are the images that put the entire LV lighting industry down. These are the results of obviously shoddy work. This is what we must stop and ensure that we defend ourselves and the industry from on a daily basis.

    Not everything is personal Joey.... To be dead honest, I have never come across similar photos before. Scouts Honour!
  8. JoeyD

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    Well I apologize to you james. The way it seemed to me is that you were trying to hide the identity of the one who sent it to you. Gregg explained it was a competitor who sent this to him so for all I know the rep sent it to you. SO I do apologize for getting on your case here. But I have been dealing with this kind of crap from our competiton for 12 years and I never get used to it. Show my lock and load socket that failed, show my broken lens, show my transformer that burned up and killed somebody because of no seconday protection. But do not make up lies and show this!!

    I am sure you all can understand where I am coming from here. I am not afraid of facts, I learn from facts. Lies I dispise!

    But I have no quarral with you James, only the slime ball trying to make a buck on this crap!!

    Joey D.
  9. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    Here is another nasty transformer installation! This one I know all about....

    It was done by a licensed electrician in my area. They installed 3 of these Marcus 300W tranformers inside boxes and then buried them in the ground! That ground was composed of mostly pine needle mulch and fresh pine needles. There was no secondary protection and clearly the wire connections through the box leaked.

    The client was very happy to have me come to the site, rip the entire mess out, and install a new, safe, to code, lighting system.

    Worst part is... this EC continues to install LV lighting in this manner to this very day.

  10. Mike M

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    Wow, I wonder what the guy in the red Mitsubishi did to get Joe mad.

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