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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Zohan, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. Zohan

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    Kichler transformer spec sheet says not rated for fixtures in water with humans..or something like that....
    I need to put a couple LED Underwater lights into a waterfall that spills into a pool....i was always assuming it is safe, but why the disclaimer on transformer, and is it actually not safe?
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  3. S&MLL

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    Doesn't matter if the transformer is rated for. If your fixture isnt rated for human contact aka swimming pool then your fixture wont work. Im quality of putting 1 or 2 underwater lights in a koi pond on a standard transformer. But you wont find me using underwater lights in a waterfall for pool. Unless its a pentair or jandy or something pool rated..... Thats why we have fiber optics for pools
  4. David Gretzmier

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    should be spa and pool rated, but gotta tell you, seen tons of them installed by pool companies, and I am very unimpressed by the quality and feel of these "rated" trans. they look super cheap.
  5. Zohan

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    im confused....the lights are rated for underwater use so no problem there. Question is do i need a transformer that is rated for use with water fixtures that will be in a human contact area?
    Worried about a safety issue...

    I will check the link too...thx
  6. Richie@

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    NEC 680.23(A)(2)

    Transformers used to supply underwater luminaries must be listed as a swimming pool and spa transformer — and be of the isolating-winding type with a grounded metal barrier between the primary and secondary windings [680.23(A)(2)]. Branch circuits that supply underwater luminaries greater than 15V must be GFCI protected [680.23(A)(3)].

    In 680.2, the NEC defines three general categories of underwater luminaries. Specifics, such as the wiring methods allowed to the forming shell and bonding requirements, are included for each type as follows:

    * Wet-niche [680.23(B)].
    * Dry-niche [680.23(C)].
    * No-niche [680.23(D)].
  7. Lite4

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    Don't let the nut jobs at PETA find out out that you could unwittingly zap some goldfish with your non-human rated light fixtures. They love to assign human status and attributes to animals and sue everyone (but the dog) for it. Animals good, humans bad. :'(
  8. Zohan

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  9. S&MLL

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    There was a company that produced 12volt lighting fixtures for humnan contact. They are very expensive but try looking up nexxan or a company with a similar name. Pentair, jandy, hayward all make lights but most need to be in a niche. Not a free standing fixture.
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  10. Zohan

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    I haven't done any waterfall lights yet, so I ask you guys, if I put the lights right next to the stones where the water flows over will that look good at night or will it not work?

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