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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Classic Lighting, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. Classic Lighting

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    Does anyone have experience making a stand alone pedestal or wooden box to house a transformer? Is there an attractive after market product?
    Previous installer left the transformer sitting on a bucket. I'm hesitant to mount it into vinyl siding. There is a concrete pad under the deck so I cannot dig a 4x4 post into the ground.

  2. Lite4

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    Man oh man, why not just get that eyesore off the deck and hidden in a dark corner somewhere. Uggh, I hate seeing transformers in living areas. Extend power and home runs and move it some place out of sight. JM .02
  3. LLC RI

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    I'm guessing the outdoor receptacle is just behind the transformer on the house. If so, you can get an extention ring that has 1/2 in threaded knock outs and run a piece of 1/2 in conduit with a male adaptor, down from that outlet to beneath the deck. Then run your piece of 14/2 uf under the deck and to a point where you can neatly and discreetly hang the transformer.

    You might need an electrician if this is not in your realm of experience.

    A second option is, to get rid of the 'silver box' transformer and buy a ROCK transformer from Sebco. . You could then reroute power to the spot where you can put the rock in a bed or something.

    Third option: how much room is under the deck? If you can crawl under there, why not hang the transformer from one of the joists? Again, you'd have to extend that receptacle if that's the only nearby power source.

    Last option... use a metal base that is meant for a 4x4 post. Mount it on the deck against the house, but not screwed into the house. You can then make your own enclosure that would slide over the trans. If you put a couple of hangar bolts in the top of the 4x4, you can then put your cover down on that and use ss wing nuts to hold it in place. When you need to service, unscrew the wing nuts and remove your cover.

    Use lattice or something so there is air flow. If you want to get creative, incorporate the transformer hiding structure with a planter box and while you're at it, if you go this route, add a mini wash light inside the planter / window box to uplight the plants and shadow against that blank wall of the house.


    Im done
  4. steveparrott

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    I agree with other comments. Definitely get the transformer off the deck -whatever it takes (unless you can build a small cabinet). True, you can't mount it on vinyl siding. Also, for most transformers, you can't mount them horizontally - magnetic circuit breakers are rated for vertical mounting only.
  5. Mark B

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  6. Classic Lighting

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    Thanks guys for the ideas. If anyone has other thoughts, please ring in!
  7. starry night

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    Cut a trap door in the deck and mount the transformer on a remotely-contolled motorized lift. Press the remote button and up comes the transformer for servicing. :)
  8. Mark B

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    Now that is slick idea.. :cool2:
  9. johnh

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    Now THAT, I would love to see...especially if it was set to the theme music for 2001 Space Odyssey!


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