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  1. BLL

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    interested in getting a transit for soem upcomming drainage work...does anybody currently use one or know anything about them...IM not sure what kind i need or where a good place to get one is...I have used them before and know how to use them but i never had one of my own and dotn knwo what kind i need....Thanks
  2. GreaterMilwLawnscape

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    I dont have one of my own, but if i had extra money id own one. They run about 250.00 to 350.00 You can buy them at Home Depot or United rentals
  3. Rex Mann

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    First, one question. Will you be using by yourself. If yes, then a rotating laser level is what you are after. If you have 2 people then than get a transit and a stick. David White is a good brand name for a transit. They sell them at Sears and rental stores. One thing, no matter what transit you do get, get the stick in inches rather then 10th's. Inches are easier to learn and less confusing to most people.

    Their great tools to have. Worth the investment.


  4. mower_babe

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    we use an old, old one. It works well, though. Wish we had one of those high tech lazers. Really cool and Really$$.
  5. AGLA

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    Most people that do this type of work actually use something called a dumpy level, but refer to them as a transit. A transit is more complicated and expensive because it measures vertical and horizontal angles as well as being able to shoot level.

    A practical dumpy level ought to be $ 250 and up as someone else said. Berger, 3m, Sokasha (sp?) are decent.
  6. Turboguy

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    you can also find transits of every brand and type on Ebay for about anything you want to pay
  7. BLL

    BLL LawnSite Member
    from MD
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    are just the optical levels sufficient for shooting grades and such or do you need an actual "transit" level...Also what about the rotating base or "circle" i think its called?
  8. mdvaden

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    Not sure why I never got a transit yet. But I do know that we prefer all tools to be as compact as possible.

    This enables more to be carried full time in the truck.

    Since I only "shoot" the grade about once a year, I bought what is about a $70 sight level. Its about 10" long.

    I made a stick - a 1" x 1'2" furring strip - six feet long, with 2" horizontal rests every one foot.

    The measuring stick, and the resting stick fit easily into a cranny.

    And the sight level fits most anywhere.

    It probably accurate for about 100' of distance within an inch of accuracy.
  9. AGLA

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    A dumpy level is fine for walls and walks. The cheap ($250-$350) ones are usually good to 1/4" at 100'.

    You are paying for the precision of the instrument. Getting a used one adjusted would probably cost you more than you will save, if it is out of whack. Just a thought. You might ask an excavation contractor if he has an old one you can buy. So many are now using lasers.

    If you only need it once in a while, I would hold off on the laser. Think of it as $300 per shot if you only use it four times a year, and a big loss if it gets wrecked or stolen. You might as well rent one instead. Everyone likes to collect tools and gadgets, but that is when you get buried in overhead.
  10. deere ZTR

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    Lasers save a lot of time and money over all even if you do have two people to run a transit and a wise invest if you use one much. We use a line transit and hope to go to laser soon.

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