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    I am in need of a transit for some hardscape jobs coming up. Does anyone have a good recommendation? We have only needed one sporadically in the past and have rented them up til now. And what is the difference between a transit and a laser level?
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    get a dewalt laser one. Do not get one where you need two people to make it useful ex. stick with scope you look through, lasers ones are well worth the money. Toolking is an online store. They always have refurbished and new ones. I got mine there. Best thing is I use those dewalt radios and drills on the job and circular saws, so the battery's can be used on all of them. I have had mine for three years and absolutely love it. I paid around three hundred for the laser, and about two hundred for the tripod and measuring stick.
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    If you do a search here for "laser" you will find some good threads (2 years or so ago?) about these, along with good detailed definitions of the differences of between transit & site level. I bought a Topcon Laser Site Level a few years ago for around a grand & it was definitely one of the best tools I have ever bought.
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    The Agatec 410SR is an excellent package. This thing auto-levels and has a range of 1,000 ft. Built like a rock.

    If you don't like that one, the site has many other brands to choose from. Had the best prices I could find.
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    for most small landscape installs, there's a product called the 'robolazer' which can be purchased for under $300. I think I've seen it a the home depot even, but know you can find it on the net or I think in Northern Tool.

    I had one of these for about 2 years and found it to be very adequate. I wouldn't be setting house footings with it, but for most landscape stuff, plenty adequate.

    Basically, a two man site level is out dated if you ask me. With all the new lasers, and the reasonable prices on them, you would be much better off with a laser level over the old two man setups.

    For about 1k, you can get a laser that will do just about everything you need it to do for many, many years.
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    Here is a robolaser. Click image for link.


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