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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by pines, Feb 6, 2004.

  1. pines

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    New to the business, so I just want to say thanks for all the comments and suggestions. You guys bring quite a bit of knowledgw to the discussion table.

    My question is this: I currently hold a full time job 8-5, Have a great wife with 5 kids (ages 2-9) and started a side business this past fall (leaf removal) which has currently gone into some snow removal. I have a concern regarding daylight hours and the number of accounts for lawn maintenace. For instance, the summer is easy to provide service because of after work daylight, but I could see where the early spring and fall time frames could come back to haunt me. I am willing to put in my weekend hours but with the family, soccer etc. it may not be worth it in the end.

    What is a "safe number of accounts to take on initially. I know drive time contributes to this scenario, but would you take on roughly 9 accounts.......2 Mon, 2 Wed. 2 Fri & 3 Sat. I look at this scenario to allow for rain days and daylight savings etc. What are your thoughts? Thanks in advance!!
  2. Yard Perfect

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    My average job takes 30-35 minutes by myself, adding help does not cut it in half. I f the jobs you have are located close to each other than 3 jobs a day can work in the spring.
  3. pines

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    Thanks for the reply. Question for you: Does your wet weather have an impact on the number of accounts that you try to manage. Catchup can be a bear.
  4. Green Finger

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    what part of MD are you from?
  5. pines

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    Carroll County. Are you on the Eastern Shore (eastern side of the bridge) or South Of Annapolis on the western side of the bridge?
  6. MOW ED

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    Square footage and terrain are the biggest considerations when taking on workl. The variables of additional details such as areas that need string trimming, amount if clean up required and equipment size and efficiency are only things you can determine.

    I will give you one property that is 45,000 square feet on a hill side with trees and it will take you 3 hours with a 36" mower on a good day. Take that same property that is now flat with no trees and that 36" mower may cut it in an hour. Buy a 60"z and do it in 15 minutes.
    So don't look for the safe "number" of accounts, look to the big picture. Also remember that spring growth is very fast and lush. You may have to mow more often. That may turn to every other week in the hot summer. Also, a drought may shut you down for 4 weeks +. An irrigated and fertilized lawn ( not done by you) can cause you headaches beyond belief. TG/CL N bombs. Lots of variables to consider. It certainly is possible to do what you want to do but be aware that it isn't a cut and dry formula for taking on work. Good Luck.
  7. Green Finger

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    Solomons Island area. 20min from Annopolis.
  8. pines

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    Thanks alot. What you say makes sense. I'll keep you posted on how things progress.
  9. dishboy

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    What mower set up are you using? If you stay with real small lawns I have a rain set up for a 21 inch Honda that will let mow in pouring rain in very near the same amount of time.

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