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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by GodsMan, May 30, 2006.

  1. GodsMan

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    I currently have a small LCO. I only have 2 full time employees and have several part time employees. I am primarily a maintenance contractor but am venturing inot quite a few landscape projects for my existing clientele. However, I am at a crossroads as to how to transition my position as Business manager and not only a technician. I believe that my priority is to run the business and deal with clients. How have you made the transition from Lawn Maintenance only to Landscape? When did you realize that you were called to more than just a techinician and called to grow and manage your service operation? I am struggling to make the transition and would like to here some of your stories.:dizzy:
  2. Mac_Cool

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    Just passing on advice given to me... 'If you can take a month off and not lose income, you have a business; otherwise you have a job.'
  3. GodsMan

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    Good Answer Mac! I take 3 months off during the winter. :rolleyes: Still make the same $ as in the heat of the summer. But that is besides the point.:usflag:

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