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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SIRCAESAR, May 5, 2004.


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    Hey guys I know most of you have been at this stage before, I just got started 2 weeks, ago, I already have close to 10 customers, 8 of them in my own subdivision in only 1 week. I have about 5,000 full color 4x4 door hangers done up. Guys the response was phenomenal, already have close to 10 contracts signed in 1 week, I know without the shadow of doubt, I can land 40 more accounts to full time. I currently work full time for the phone company, but I am looking to leave corporate america and make the full time jump to lawn care, I have only been with the phone company going on 6 years, so when I leave ,I actually plan to retire early,I will get at least 20k from my pension to survive on, along with my savings..I have been trying to convince the wife that we will make it..telling her about all of you and your question to all of you,especially those of you who came from coporate america, is this, at what stage of the game did you actually transistion into going full time with your business, what do i need to expect, and what do i need to do to be totally prepared. I know once I make this decision their is no going back, I have quality commerical equipment, (learning from you guys) thanks in advance guys
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    You go full time when you run out of hours in the day doing it part time. Thats what I did. I got to the point where the factory job had to go so I could get my lawn business work done.
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    Dont want to discourage you, but sounds like you may be rushing it a little if you only have been cutting grass for 2 weeks now. When you get up to 40 or 50 you may find things a bit exhausting and "growing pains" can sometimes be tougher than you think.
    Some of my questions whould be is your price stucture realistic? It may be now but when you figure all the exspences you will incure when things are full blown, It may be too late to raise prices. Dont know what your prices are at, but just a heads up in that area. Another is your competition in your area. Will work always be plentifull, more, less to keep things floating in the long run. How about retirement plan. If so and your heart is really in it, go for it. Been there and going on 11 years I never intend to look back. Got tired on working in the plants and for the other guy. Certainly dont intend to discourage you, but I worked 4 or 5 years part time before I jumped in full and I realized I had lots to learn. About the 2nd or 3rd year was the toughest then slowly got better & better. Wish you luck what ever you do.

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