Transitioning into more machine work??

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by KrayzKajun, May 14, 2014.

  1. tbi

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    It will stalemate push a Bobcat 750 so id say its pretty stout for it's size.
    We run a 72" brush mower with ours FWIW.
  2. AWJ Services

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    Yes th ecab is a neccesity. I agree.
  3. Krafty

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    I will vouch for the tl230 as well we have a brand new one and it is an unbelievable machine. It may be similar spec size and numbers to a Bobact t190/t590 but let me tell you it is twice the machine. I have a brand new rental t-590 at the shop right now and let me tell you it is a huge piece of crap. Falls on its face constantly and will barley scoop a full bucket with out dieing.

    On another note I am gonna be more blunt like a few of the other guys. You can buy a brand new tk 230 and have a payment right around 1k per month. Quit screwing around and looking for all of these machines that have a ton of hours on them. Go buy you a new one put it to work and make some money. You will easily spend way more then 1k per month in break downs. Its time to s*&^ or get off the pot. Best of luck to you as well I hope you find what you need.
  4. whiffyspark

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    I agree. I understand though a 50k machine is a big investment.
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  5. Marek

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    How many hrs a month do you really need to make a 1000 payment a month ? 5 - 10 hrs a month of work will pay for its self . How much work did you have for the tractor when you bought it ? How much work has that one piece added to your gross ? Has having that also brought other work into you ?
  6. blackangus86

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    Have you purchased a new skid?
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  7. YellowDogSVC

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    I like blunt but if the guy is trying to save a few bucks, a slightly used machine with some warranty is worth looking into but (and as a guy who tries to follow Dave Ramsey's advice this makes me a hypocrite), with interest rates at near 0%, buying new with a rock-solid warranty makes more sense if nothing else for the comment you made about repairs. For example, Bobcat just mailed out a 0% for 60 months on CTL's (0% for 48 mo. on skids) and compact excavators or $5,000 rebate.

    I've spent almost 2k on repairs in the last month and both were relatively minor (new lexan and A/C system) plus downtime, time back and forth to shop (4 trips) and frustration. With a new machine I can get in the field service and my experience says I generally don't have many machine problems show up until my machines are several years old. Those repair bills sucked and ate up my profit so that I am having to work extra to make quota.

    Being comfortable, cool, and having the power to do more work may be worth $1000/mo. to a lot of people. It is to me and why I'm resigned to almost always having at least one machine payment so I stay current and comfortable.
    I'm sure Dave Ramsey would tell me I'm a fool but not many people have 70k cash to plop down on a machine that's going to go down in value.

    Worst case, you can sell it if you can't afford it but I think you will find more and more work. $1000/mo. is only a day to day and half work for most guys if you want to look at it like that.
  8. zabmasonry

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    I think that Dave Ramsey is a bit over debtaphobic. Bottom line is, debt isn't bad, bad debt is bad. That said I haven't gone through all of Dave Ramsey's stuff because I think that he aims his stuff for people with rocks for brains, and simplifies some pretty important financial nuances into hard fast rules like all debt is bad.
  9. whiffyspark

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    Yep. I can't stand him anymore. Internet marketing at its finest.

    He basically preaches save you're entire life to enjoy retirement. Never buy a new vechile. Instead buy a cheap used car and put whatever you're car payment would have been into a savings account. And then by another used car

    Don't worry about buying anything nice until you're 65.
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  10. YellowDogSVC

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    I don't think I have rocks for brains but if you understand where he came from you'd understand why he is anti-debt. I also subscribe to Rich Dad's philosophy but Dave's "debt is risk" is the big point. No debt, no risk and that's something to think about when you have a $1000/month payment, plus insurance and you can't work because of health, weather, etc.

    Ultimately, it's to each his own but Biblical proverbs seem to work and I can't find anywhere in the bible where it says that debt is a good thing.

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