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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by uzupan, Nov 2, 2013.

  1. uzupan

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    Hello, new to the forum but I have found valuable information. I am looking to purchase a new commercial mower. One mower, the gravely, has hydrostatic transmissions, the, grasshopper, scag and cub tank I have been looking has has pumps and motors. In your option which one is better and longer lasting?

  2. GMLC

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    I have owned both and both have proven very reliable with proper maintenance. Currently Im running a Gravely with the Hydro Gear 5400 transaxles. They are the quietest, most responsive and smoothest operating I have ever owned. Transaxles have fewer leak points, no cross contamination and a lower center of gravity. Each transaxle has its own fan, filter and reservoir. If you were to ever have a problem the whole unit gets replaced which costs less than seperate pumps and motors.
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  3. uzupan

    uzupan LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the reply. I am looking at the Gravely 152, scag tiger cat, cub tank and grasshopper 200 series, they are all in the same price range. I tried the Gravely and Scag yesterday and liked the Gravely a little better but I did not know about the transmission, being hydrostatic, if in the long run it woiuld be good and dependable. It is the 3400 series.
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  4. Patriot Services

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    The transaxle seems to be the way most companies are going these days. Early units had strength and longevity problems which have been resolved. My concern has always been operating temps. As long as there is ample fluid capacity I don't see any longevity probems. Most have have built in fans that futher add to the cooling capacity.
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  5. ed2hess

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    I worried about repairing transaxle but my shop now works on them.q
  6. baileylawnservice

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    Scag tiger cat, you will not be disappointed
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  7. aroddy

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    I have yet to crack open a Hydrogear transmission in the past 5 years. Every brand I sell uses a hydrogear tranny in the line up somewhere or another. Even Ferris is using the ZT5400 in the new 2100Zs this year. They have been out for 3-4 years now and have been proven super reliable. The zt3400 have the same track record. I have no problem in looking a customer in the eye and putting a handshake to saying that the hydrogear trannys are reliable and will be pretty much trouble free with proper servicing. This is honestly a non-issue
  8. RTR Landscaping

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    Both are good mowers, I am a Scag user and really like the Tiger Cats. Which dealer has the best service?
  9. MOturkey

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    I run Gravely 460's with the 5400 transaxle. I too find them to be extremely smooth and responsive. Additionally, it appears that pump and motor systems are rapidly going the way of the dodo. The Gravely Pro-Master series, their long time premier model, which utilizes a pump and wheel motors system, is now only offered in one deck width with only a single engine option. That is handwriting on the wall, in my book, that it will be phased out in the near future.
  10. I haven't ever drove a 5400 but I do love my hyperdrive on my hustler

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