Transmission oil for Cub Cadet 4814 WB??

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by gnatman, May 9, 2010.

  1. gnatman

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    I have a 48" duel hydro cub cadet walk behind. The owner's manuel says to change the transmission oil with Cub Cedet brand 20W50.

    Can't I use any brand of 20W-50 oil??
  2. Jay Ray

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    The Cub oil is about $12-14 a quart isn't it?

    imo this question started back with the 2000 series Cub Cadet garden tractors, which have the hydraulics and differential gears in the same case. Cub had a specific blend made just for them which would double as gear oil and hydro oil, and it has alway been very expensive, and a hydro oil change takes 6 quarts, maybe a little more.

    There has been a lot of debate by Cub owners whether the Cub OEM oil is really necessary. The debate is ongoing.

    I have taken the contrarian view for my 2000 series rider, and use 3 quarts of synthetic 20W-50 and 3 quarts dino Rotella 15W-40 for the transmission service. I use the dino Rotella to get a little zinc in there. I do use the Cub OEM filters. And I change it every 100 hours per the manual.

    But that is just my opinion, and just one opinion. You have to make your own opinion.

    I'm not familiar with your model wb but if it is under warranty, imo use the Cub oil at least until it is out of warranty.

    You may ask why anyone would use an old Cub 2000 series? Because it has one of the easiest decks to feather ever made. Nice on a lawn with lots of roots or cypress knees. Also good in wet conditions where a Z will tear turf.
    All around a very high quality little tractor, never sold in a big box.

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