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    Got a problem. I dont know much about mowers, but i feel i gotta start some time it's starting to cost to much to shop-em. Thus can some 1 please take the time and give me a step by step note on removing a transmission from a 48" toro proline walk behind.I started to remove top but it want come off, it's like the gear shifter bote is stuck. I was trying to look in side to see whats wrong, being that 4 and 5 gear have no power, and i have to press t-bar really sloww to get mower to move in those gears, and its not that fast with no power at that.Help a idiot in need.
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    Please note i have not worked on toro walk behinds but have worked on others.

    Photo's would be helpful but here are some basic thoughts. I have worked on peerless transmissions from walk behinds before (it is likely you have a peerless).

    Are you trying to replace the transmission or repair it?

    Either way you will need to remove the pulleys that attach to the drive belts on both sides. Then remove the the linkages to the the transmission (splined shafts).

    Now their should be about 4 bolts around the edge of the transmission holding it down, remove these.

    Lastly, to remove the transmission you will need to remove the pulley from underneath that connects the motor to the transmission by the main belt. This is pulley is likely to be keyed or have an allen set screw holding it. Look for this before trying to pry it off.

    Now your transmission should be free. The shift lever will need to be unbolted to get it completely free.

    reverse steps for installing new transmission.
    If you need to actually repair the transmission, you need to remove a bunch of small bolts, then pry open the case carefully with a screwdriver. Replace necessary parts, this can include shift forks, keys or gears. Clean the edge of the transmission casing, and wipe it down with a solvent to remove any grease from it. Apply a sealant such as RTV to seal it and reassemble.

    We would need a better description of transmission issues to recommend what parts may be broken in the trans.

    Well sorry it was long. hopefully some of it is helpful...Very specific advice could be given with photos.
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    dose0018 Thats exactly what i needed to know, i really appreciate. also it is a peerless transmission setup just like you described." This will save me at least 300 dollars. Much more in future
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    I know this may be too late. Shifting "on the fly" is what usually does these tranny in.
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