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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by 4x4k20, Feb 9, 2001.

  1. 4x4k20

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    has anyone had there trans. serviced where they drain all the fluid out including the fluid in the converter and change the filter? i have 2 trucks i would like to have this done on just need to know if it helps and would be worth 80.00 each.

    UNCLE BOB LawnSite Member
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    My truck has a manual,But I had my wife's car done at jiffy-lube.It made a big trany preformance.So I think it will be worth it.I think they charged me 70-something for the car.
  3. gitzenlandscape

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    I have heard of two different waysit can be done. Someplaces will change the filter and fluid for around $20-$30, and someplaces will completely drain all of the fluid and change the fluid for $70-$80. Did you know that there are 12-15 quarts of fluid in a completely empty tranny? I did not know that till I had one rebuilt and was charged for fluid. The problem with the cheapy route is only about 4 quarts is drained and replaced. Leaving 8 quarts of dirty, contaminated, sludgy, (you get the idea) fluid to mix with the 4 quarts of new,clean, fresh (you get the idea) fluid. The expensive way sounds better the more I type. Huh?

    UNCLE BOB LawnSite Member
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    Yes it does,that's what I got on wife's car complete fluid+filter.The fluid"in the pan only" option made no sense to me either.I say go for it
  5. thelawnguy

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    I was told the reason they no longer put drain plugs in the converters was the chance of contamination during a change of fluid damaging something outweighed any benefit of changing all the fluid.

    These new machines where they tap into the cooler lines, and it pumps new fluid in as it draws the old stuff out seems to be a good idea. But around here not many have this besides jiffy lube (no thanx).
  6. 4x4k20

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    from ga
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    i know what you mean i call them jip-you- lose i had a buddy who had his oil changed at one they changed his oil but didnt change his filter but i have a good freind that owns a wrecker service and auto repair that has a machine that is supposed to do this. he just bought it.

    OBRYANMAINT LawnSite Senior Member
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    i get mine changed the pump and flush method every year and usually needs it some of the newer trans filters are just metal screens so you never really need to change them any way , maybe just clean it

    UNCLE BOB LawnSite Member
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    Note I said wife's car it's a ford! ha ha not my truck
  9. I am changing the tranny oil and filter in my chrysler (3 sp 904) for the first and last time next week.

    My converter has a drain plug. The converter takes 3.25 qt and the rest takes 3.75 qt.

    I use Amsoil full syn. tranny fluid and am adding a 8 row tranny cooler I happen to have in stock.

    This will drop the operating temp drastically offering increased performance and I will get ANOTHER 100k miles of service for just a few bucks in preventative maint.


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