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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by vanhoand, Sep 27, 2010.

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    Hi all,

    New to the site and have a SCAG 48" walk behind (belt driven). Occasionally (more often in 2nd and 4th but now in 3rd a little), the transmission seems to be slipping out of gear. I just got the mower used and everything else appears to be functioning properly. I've checked the tension on the drive belt (engine pully to transmission pully) and it doesn't appear to be slipping when the transmission slips. This wasn't a huge deal as I normally mow in 3rd, but now that it's doing it in 3rd as well, I think its something that needs addressed.

    I've done some searching on the forums and noticed several people with shift key issues causing similar simptoms. Does anyone have pictures of these or can someone identify what these are in this j-thomas transmission breakdown?

    I think that's the correct transmission...

    Also, if anyone knows a post with transmission teardown instructions/pictures, that would be helpful too.

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    # 14 are the keys. You wanna look at 1,2,3 detent ball/spring and make sure its ok first. Easy trans to fix, just messy as hell.
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    so there's 2 of them and i should see some evidence of wear on them correct?
    regarding #1-3. what do those parts do?
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    You can download a complete service manual with detailed instructions on repairing this trans HERE....

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