Transmission Slippage FIXED!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Doogiegh, Jul 6, 2002.

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    Hey guys,
    Thanks to this site, I fixed a problem exactly as described on here (took 20 seconds).

    Have a 32" Exmark Metro gear drive. Over last 2 weeks, pull wasn't as strong as it used to be, especially in gear 5, 4 or 3. Had it where on a slight incline, with me on my proslide, it would just stop.

    Did a "SEARCH" on here for transmission.

    Found the exact answer as to check if the transmission Output shaft is turning or not. Mine was not.

    If not, to adjust the transmission tension pully. Took out the ole' Socket wrench, adjusted it just a tad tighter, and viola! I'm off doing wheelies again (when I want to) and leaving Divots/dragmarks (when I want to most of the time - sometimes by accident).

    So for any of you guys who have gear transmissions, nothing like adjusting that pully just a little bit to get you going again..

    I think it was either LawnGodfather or 65Hoss who had the exact answer I read, either way, thanks guys! Exmark tech support had a thread on it as well that was perfect.

    Another problem solved - and I thought i was going to the shop at first with a bad transmisson. <G>
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    another case solved here at lawnsite using the search button!!!!!!

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