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    You can pick up the 205 manual version and convert it to a turbo 400.<br>You need to go to your local GM dealer and have him look up 1981 1 ton 205, and order front input cluster, bearing and snap ring, adapter plate, then take transfercase apart and have machine shop cut the case to accept the input bearing and reassemble. Go a head and buy all gaskets and seals we have done several of these on are GMs got tired of shifting.<br>the bolt holes on the side of the 205 DOES NOT BOLT TO THE FRAME, But to a plate under the motor mount think about it if you bolted it to the frame you would make it rigid.
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    I have the adapter for between the 205 and a 400. The 205 used a bolt on yoke, not a slip yoke like on the 208. The 205 did have a plate from the t case to the frame but GM stopped using it in the late 70's early 80's<br>I had a 73 with a 205 that had that plate.<br>You should be fine to run the truck with out that bracket.<br>My 86 k-3500 with a 400 and 205 didnt have that plate,I plowed 5 years with the truck and never had a problem.<br>Dino<p>----------<br> Professional Ice and Snow Management <br>Products:Services:Equipment
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    Hey guys thanks for all the info I think I will stay with my 700r4 and have it built And adapt the 205 to it

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    Mycave:<br>I don't know where you got that idea but I wouln't use that trans if you plan on working this truck in any way!<br>I don't know if they will adapt.<br>I never even investigated this because I would never consider using the 700R-4.
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    Snowman the 700 r4 is a great transmission if you have it built with all the updates.
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    My 700r4 workes great, after having a performance build done on it for towing. Something to consider though, is that these transmissions are famous for running hot. Get the biggest cooler you can for it, a temp gauge, and watch it. It's well worth the money you'll save.
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    Having the tv cable adjusted correctly is also critical on these trannys

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