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    We have an Exmark 36 WB with the Peerless 5 spd w/ reverse trans and 9 splines on it. The trans just went and we are looking to replace it.
    Exmark says that the number for this trans is 323500. I see it's a Peerless by Tecumseh. I'm also seeing that the replacement for the 323500 is a 700-070. A company I've been looking at sells a replacement for the 700-070, which happens to be the number 700-078 and 700-078A.
    So, with all these numbers, what the heck am I supposed to buy now? I figured this would be a simple task. Will the 9 spline 700-078 work for my 36" WB?
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    To save $$$$ couldn't you replace the guts of your current transmission, and repack with the grease? Sorry to thread steal I have that same Trans on a Toro Proline that is starting to get finicy as well.

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    Thanks dutch. I read it all, and there are just part numbers everywhere, so I wanted to post up on Lawnsite and be sure before I ordered it.

    I'm going to take apart the old trans and maybe rebuild that one. We are still ordering a new one though. I've never rebuilt one, so I'd like to get the new one installed, knowing that it'll work; then sometime during the off-season aka when there is no rush to get it done), take the old one apart and rebuild it.

    Thanks again.

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    It's $175 bucks currently on their page. It's almost worth just buying it instead of rebuilding your old one. Hell rebuild your old one and sell it or keep it for parts for when its busy and buy the new one to put on.

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