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    The transmission on my Metro HP is sticking. When I have it in 5th and try to move it down to 3rd it doesn't want to move past it. After playing with it it will eventually go. Any suggestions?
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    Thanks for the post. If I had to guess I'd say the shift keys in the transmission are worn. The only way to determine for sure is to take it in and have the dealer inspect it.

    Once in a while the transmission switch can hang up a little bit. You may want to remove it, put a few drops of oil on it and into the mounting hole and re-assemble. Generally if a switch is hanging up it will do so in all locations, not just one.

    Good luck,

  3. shorty7616

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    I put a little WD40 on the knee shifter where it connects to the tranny and it seems to have cleared up the problem...Thanks.

    Also how long should I expect the transmission to last, and do I need to check the inside of it for grease?
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    Per peerless you should remove the top half of the transmission and measure the amount of grease in the case with a ruler every 6 months. The grease should be 1.5" - 1.75" deep. If grease is required you should use Peerless grease part number 788067.

    Transmission life again is tough to gauge. Do you shift on the fly, do you use a riding attachment, are you in a hilly area, do you strap you machines down on the trailer etc.

    If you "clutch" the drive levers when you shift on the go, leave it in neutral on the trailer with the parking brake on and the unit strapped down you should get pretty good life out of the transmission even with a riding attachment.

    If however you shift from gear to gear with out clutching, use the transmission to keep the unit from rolling around the trailer and don't check the grease you can decrease the life of the transmission.


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    Shorty here is a suggestion that may help, on the back side of the Peerless trans is a allen screw (there is only one)if you take it out you should find a spring and ball bearing if these two parts are cruded up the trans will either shift hard or pop out of gear alot just clean and reinstall also if the allen screw is in too far in it will shift hard....I could be wrong but this worked for me....

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