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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by bobcatnj, Nov 11, 2007.

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    The question still is what type of maple it is "bobcatnj"? To Marcos real Nurseryman in Connecticut do not dig Acer rubrum in the fall. If you go to a wholesale yard or nursery, you may find a left over from early spring digging, but you will not find one that was dug this fall.
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    Back in the 70's when I worked for a nursery/landscape company we would dig and transplant maples throughout the year as long as the ground was not frozen. The only exception was in spring until the new growth hardened off. This was in SE Pa. Our trees carried a 1 year guarentee. We replaced very few trees.
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    ...I hope you didn't type that all for my benefit!
    I don't recollect ever losing a maple I've dug, at any time of the fall I've dug them. The only ones that were lost were from people 'drowning' them by watering them too much in general, or in one case from a deer tearing them up.

    Again, people who sit in Universities are paid by grants to type up all kinds of recommendations in all kinds of areas, and that's fine I guess. But you have to agree that there is no substitution in the world for actual time-tested first hand experience!
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    That's a shame.
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    Yes, it is evident you are a legend in your own mind.:laugh:
    Maybe you should be a consultant to Ron Wilson on WKRC to share your vast experience.:waving:
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    Ron Wilson is a friend of mine.
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    Good. Maybe he'll have you on sometime on the subject of transplanting maples in the North east.
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    I bat over 98% transplant all year yes even in the summer I learned alot in my life in this business. I am 40 years old. You have have tricks to cut my grass. I have secrets too move your trees. Even full summer. Everyone digs maples now, without a problem. Every zone is different call a local trasplanter. I think you are Ok use a big enough digger and in our you need the right kind to get deeper roots unlike vermeer and caretree which have there purpose. Just don't use a general 10-12 inch rule of thumb with these diggers.
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    Man thats alot of info. what was the question?
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    buy new ones and don't take them from the woods, it'll be cheaper and survive better.

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